Men’s Hairstyles For Big Foreheads

Do you suffer from the dreaded 5 head? Can you land an airplane on your forehead and are looking for a hairstyle that brings your face more into…balance?

Don’t worry, as a fellow sufferer of having a giant noggin and forehead, I’ve tried many hairstyles to bring my face more into balance. One thing I can say for sure is – stay away from hairstyles that have your hair going up or back. This means you ditch the undercuts and the spikey hair. Buzzcuts can actually work well for some guys (think Jesse from Breaking Bad) but on some other guys it will make your 5 head into a 6 head.

Here are the best hairstyle’s I’ve found if you have a big forehead.

Long Fringe

The long fringe is the perfect hairstyle for guys with big foreheads, the fringe obviously covers up your forehead, but at the same time the sides are clean. If you want the same style as the inspiration below, use a sea salty spray and a pomade/clay whilst your hair is wet to recreate the messy look.

French Crop

A low fade is already super popular, but you want to let your barber know you want the front of your hair lined up and longer so it can cover a bit of your forehead. A lot of barbers will cut the front asymmetrically when doing low fades so it’s paramount you let your barber know what kind of hairstyle you’re looking for.


Bringing back the 90’s boy band look with the curtains look. This style will take a bit more effort, you’ll need a stylist that knows what she’s doing and you’ll need to grow your hair longer.