Guide To Pulling Off Skinny Jeans

A lot of dudes have problems with the skinny jean trend. They can get into the jeans but when they look into the mirror they look like they have twig legs.

The secret to pulling off skinny jeans is – to be skinny!

If you’re trying to force yourself into a pair of skinny jeans but you don’t have the figure or form to pull it off, you will just look very awkward. If this is you, do yourself a favor and get an actual quality pair of jeans that fit you.

If that isn’t you and you actually fit into skinny denim in a way that compliments and accentuates your figure I have some advice for you.

The trend at the moment for guys on the skinnier end of the spectrum is the “SLP” look. SLP stands for Saint Laurent Paris – The look is basically Dark SKINNY Jeans, leather jackets and Chelsea boots.

It’s an amazing look that works SO GOOD with skinny jeans. Try it out.