Golfing Outfit Ideas For Men

Whether it’s your first time going golfing or you’re a seasoned vet on the grass and are just looking for new looks and brands to explore to up your golf attire, this article will help you step up your golf aesthetics.

One of the most common situations you’ll find yourself in as a guy, is being invited to go golfing for the first time, and now you’re stuck wondering what clothes to wear on your first golf outing. Hopefully after reading this article and looking at the myriad of golfing outfit examples, you’ll have a solid idea of how to dress when golfing.

Golfing Outfits

Below are a bunch of golfing outfit examples you can use to model what pieces you buy and put together. Take these inspirations to see what is appropriate golfing attire.

Golfing Brands

Many top sporting brands have their own golf clothing lines, and there exists many brands that specialize purely in golf attire. We recommend when shopping for your first golf outfit to go for a cheaper brand before moving up to the more premium brands.

Golfing Clothes Checklist

If you’re looking for a quick checklist of items to buy for your golfing outfit, look no further.