26 Gifts To Get Guys This Christmas 2018 (Things He Will Actually Use)

We’ve all heard the same spiel: Christmas shouldn’t be all about the presents. It’s gotten too commercial. It’s the thought that counts. Yada yada yada. Regardless, it’s undeniable that nothing brightens up the holiday season more than nailing the perfect gift for that special someone.

But that can be a bit of a challenge. So we’ve put together a list of the best gifts for the men in your life. (inspired by: Rank & Style)

Now, we can’t account for his specific tastes, but we can account for things that pretty much any man would love. Sometimes it’s a necessity. Sometimes it’s a luxury. Sometimes it’s neither, but we bet he’ll love it anyway.

Follow our list, and you can check off that shopping list early.

Philips Hf3470 Wake-up Light

$: Philips Wake-up Light

The Wake-up light is the perfect solution for anyone with a bad case of the morning grumpies. Yeah it’s Monday. Yeah it’s 6 am. But at least you woke up to soothing sounds and a sunrise simulation. It’s the unnatural way to wake up naturally. Pick it up on Amazon for as low as $109.


$: Nutribullet

The Nutribullet is the last word in personal blenders. It’s easy to use AND easy to clean. Whether he’s whipping up a protein shake after the gym, or a fruit smoothie for a relaxing afternoon, he’s sure to love his powerful little blender. You can get one for $69.99.


$: Conair I-Stubble

If he likes to keep a rugged 5 o’clock shadow, that can be nearly impossible with a traditional razor. Even most electric shavers can’t mimic the look. That’s where the I-Stubble comes in. It’s specifically made to maintain a anything from a shadow, to a short beard. If this doesn’t describe him, the gift can also be a not-so-subtle hint.


$: Amazon Kindle

Bookworms on the go have never had an easier time than now. Chances are he already has a full functioning tablet, those generally aren’t optimized for long hours buried in a book. Get him a Kindle Paperwhite and give his eye’s a break from the screen strain.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100

$: Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 Series

Let’s face it. Some of us men are just TOO hairy. Manscaping is important, but most electric shavers aren’t up for the task. If you’re looking for a dedicated body trimmer, there’s no better place to start than the Bodygroom. It has a 3D pivot head, and special blades to reduce nicks. It’s a complete package.

Deni 7600 3-Tier 9-1/2-Quart Stainless-Steel Digital Food Steamer

$: Deni Digital Food Steamer

What’s a digital food steamer, you ask? Why it’s the perfect gift for the health conscious man that you worry might burn down the house. With an timer, shut-off, and easy to read displays, he can take the guess work out of steaming. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, because you KNOW he’ll leave it dirty otherwise.

Dreamfinity Cooling Gel 2.0 Memory Foam Pillow

$: Dreamfinity Memory Foam Pillow 

Make every side of the pillow the “cool side.” With this comfy, memory foam pillow, you can make sure he’s sleeping at just the right temperature every night. The hydraluxe Cooling Gel makes sure he stay cool no matter what the temperature. This is the perfect gift for the man that keeps kicking the covers off in his sleep.

INTEY Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

$: INTEY Shiatsu Foot Massager

We’re sure you’re not too keen on touching his sweaty feet, and no one else is either. Get him this shiatsu foot massager, and his foot pain will be a thing of the past. It also has a heat function, so he’ll attack his pain on two fronts. At around $140, it may not be cheap, but it’s better than the sweaty, smelly alternative.

Breville BPR700BSS The Fast Slow Pro

$: Breville Slow Cooker

For the wannabe cook, there’s no better option than a slow cooker. Except the Breville Fast Slow Pro. The great thing about this appliance is it’s versatility. It can function as both a pressure cooker AND a slow cooker. Help him get his crock pot game on.

Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Bluetooth 360 Speaker

$: Bose Bluetooth Speaker

No name is more synonymous with audio than Bose. They lead the pack in the speaker industry, and it’s no different when you’re looking for a wireless one. This bluetooth speaker is sure to bring a smile to any audiophile’s face.

The Clean Shave Finest Wet Shaving Set

$: Classic Wet Shaving Kit

Vintage shaving styles are coming back, and it’s for a good reason. Not only do they give you a better shave, but replacing the razors costs pennies instead of $16 for a 3-pack. This wet shaving set will give him everything he needs for a smooth face, with an added hint of flair.

Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

$: Beats Wireless Headphones

Sometimes fashion and tech meet up and create something beautiful. There’s no trendier gym accessory than Beats headphones, and these wireless badboys will make sure he gets his best pump ever. Hi-Fi audio never looked so good.

George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill

$: George Foreman Grill

If he’s a lean, mean, grilling machine, get him the only cooking appliance endorsed by a professional face puncher. At just under $25, you’re not going to find anything cheaper that he can use on a daily basis. The George Foreman Grill will make every meal a knockout.

Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe Espresso Machine

$: Philips Espresso Machine

For the true coffee snob in your life, a top of the line espresso machine is the perfect gift. With this model from Saeco Philips, he not only gets espresso, but also one touch steamed and frothed milk. He can down cappuccinos all day.

Pinzon Faux Fur Throw Blanket

$: Faux Fur Blanket

Nothing is a cozy addition to a house than a faux fur blanket. There are still a few more months of cold after the big day, so make sure he can stay warm. At over 7 feet long, even the tallest men can cover up.

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

$: Bowflex Home Gym

Staying in shape doesn’t have to mean leaving the house. With this Bowflex home gym, he can stay toned without even putting on shoes. Hit every body part for a full circuit in a single machine. No more waiting for a bench to open up.

Reebok Men’s Lifter Pr Cross-trainer Shoe

$: Reebok Men’s Weightlifting Shoes

If he’s a little bit more serious about weightlifting, chances are he could use some new lifting shoes. While Reebok may be better known for Crossfit, these kicks are meant for some serious weight. The lift in the heel will help him slam bars and smash PRs.

Oral B Triumph 5000

$: Oral B Triumph 5000

Let him know his breath stinks (just kidding) with this state of the art electric toothbrush. Everyone knows you can’t beat the clean feeling you get with an electric model. This one kicks it up a notch with a timer, just to make sure he’s not cutting hygiene time short.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder

$: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey

Hey, they don’t call it the Gold Standard for nothing. If he’s interested in gaining some muscle, he needs to be supplementing his protein. This is the perfect gift for your meathead. Just be warned, it won’t make up for skipped leg days.

Ross Michaels Mens Plush Shawl Collar Kimono

$: Ross Michaels Mens Bathrobe

Everyone deserves to lounge in luxury. This year, get him closer to that goal with this absurdly comfy bathrobe. It’ll give him a little bit of extra warmth on those cold winter mornings, plus force him to cover up before parading into the kitchen.

Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum

$: Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum

Convincing some people to vacuum is hard enough without the hassle of cords. This model from Dyson solves that issue. The quality you expect of the leading vacuum brand, with wireless convenience we’ve come to demand in 2017.

Srocker T3 Ultra-thin 2.4GHz Wireless Silent Click Optical Mouse

$: Srocker Wireless Mouse

Sometime, simplicity is the best option. With computer accessories, we often think that more features means better. But let’s take it back with this simple, minimalist wireless mouse. It’s got a left click AND a right click. What more do you need?

Sony SRSX11 Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker

$: Sony Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable audio isn’t just headphones. This tiny bluetooth speaker gives you Sony quality sound in the palm of your hand. If he’s an audiophile on the go, you can’t beat this little treasure. With prices as low as $40, it’s also a fantastic bargain.

Body Back Company’s Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool

$: Back Buddy Self-Massager

Help him get those hard to reach sore spots. We can’t afford a massage every time our back starts acting up, so this self massager is the perfect gift for the man in your life. Plus, you can steal it when your back starts aching.

HoLife Handheld Cordless Vacuum

$: Handheld Cordless Vacuum

If he’s got a small place that doesn’t need a full size vacuum, hook him up with this neat handheld from HoLife. From pizza crumbs to dog hair, he’ll be set to keep his place spotless. Plus, it’s much quieter than the traditional handheld, so he won’t annoy the neighbors.

Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers Rugged Boot

$: Timberland Earthkeeper Boots

The quality of Timberland boots have made them iconic. But sometimes the bulky design and “wheat” colorway of the classic model doesn’t fit the situation. Enter the Earthkeepers. Everything he loves about Tims, but a little dressed up. Men love these rugged boots.

Men can be a pain to shop for. We never seem to know what we want until we don’t get it. But if you stick to these universal appeal options, you’re sure to find something perfect.