Why Every Guy Should Own A Winter Parka

The parka coat has made huge strides in the fashion world as of late. Who says fashion can’t be functional? The parka coat is by far the warmest coat you can wear during the winter, this is a huge plus for guys that love to keep comfortable during the winter time but still look stylish.

So what type of parka should you be wearing this winter? Look for one that is:

  • On the Longer Side (Keep it above the knees)
  • Lined with Fur
  • Huge Side Pockets
  • In The Colors: Military Green, Black, White, Brown

How To Wear A Parka

A Parka can be worn with pretty much anything. They’re so large and take up so much of your body that it doesn’t really matter what you wear underneath.

Just make sure you have a slick pair of jeans and a sturdy pair of boots to match.

The Best Parka Brands

There are some pretty ridiculously expensive Parkas out there. If you live in a super cold climate (Canada, The Arctic) it might be worth investing into one of these premium parkas. What you’ll get is insanely high-quality craftsmanship and top of the line materials.

$$$: Canada Goose Men’s Expedition Parka Coat

$$: Alpha Industries Men’s N-3B Slim-Fit Parka Coat

$: English Laundry Men’s Hooded Parka