The 4 Must Have Chino Colors To Complete Your Wardrobe

Chino’s are definitely a must have pant for any guy looking to up their style game.

A quality pair of chinos will work in a variety of settings as oppose to denim which is seen as more of a super casual clothing item in most situations.

Tip: Chinos and Khakis are not the same thing.

Now this begs the question, what are the most versatile colors for chinos? Well, lucky for us, this question has been answered

These are the colors you want for chinos. Now if you want to narrow it down even further, I would say Navy and Stone are the colors that will work with practically anything and you should definitely own a pair.

Another thing you want to consider is the quality of your chinos. Getting the best men’s chinos┬ámeans a lower chance of the color fading away. With jeans a fade is often a desired affect of the pants but with chinos getting them faded can give an unkempt look that you most likely don’t want.