8 Best Tom Ford Colognes for Every Situation

This particular brand of fragrances is now so famous throughout the world, that one would think it had been established for a hundred years. But Tom Ford, once the creative director of Gucci, broke away from this position and established his own brand under his own name in April of 2004. Since then, his line of fragrances has gathered a cult following, with high-quality and fashion-forward scents, many of which are now household names.

Before we get into the best of the best, let’s do a quick Cologne 101 on the different scent “families” so to speak, so that you have a better idea of what to look for. Most colognes tend to fall into four or so categories: floral, oriental, gourmand, and leather. I’ll break these down one by one so that it doesn’t feel too overwhelming!

Floral: earthy, crisp, refreshing, familiar.

The nature of this scent family is right there in the name! Floral scents often contain top notes of lavender, rose, or daisy. The key to a good floral cologne is that it isn’t too sweet, and has complex undertones that deepen the overall effect.

Oriental: warm, delicate, unisex.

Oriental fragrances are identified by their top notes of truffle, underscored by a variety of other scents, often including vanilla or amber. These scents walk a delicate line that makes them perfect for either men or women to enjoy.

Leather: assertive, smoky, masculine.

Not to be confused with a leather jacket, these perfumes are for formal occasions. Leather fragrances are classically paired with business suits and high-power meetings. They are complex and dark, with top notes of bergamot and base notes of leather.

Gourmand: rich, inviting, succulent.

Gourmand fragrances will definitely whet your appetite, as these scents tend to remind one of a delicious baked good, or a coffee shop. Infused with notes of dark chocolate and coffee, paired with other, non-food based scents such as lilac to balance it out, you can’t go wrong with a gourmand fragrance. Besides, there’s nothing like smelling like a heavenly bake sale to attract a partner!

Now that you know a bit more about the different types of fragrances on the market, let’s discuss the best Tom Ford fragrances for any situation!

Best For a Budget
Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Price: $75-500

Key Notes: Black cherry, Almond, Tonka Bean

This sweet-smelling fragrance is perfect for those who want to dip their toe into the Tom Ford lineup without breaking the bank.

Priced $75 and up, Lost Cherry is the most affordable Tom Ford fragrance, but it doesn’t sacrifice any quality to be so.

Falling into the gourmand scent family, and both luscious and tempting with a hint of spice, this perfume is described by Tom Ford as “insatiable.”

Best Value
Tom Ford Black Orchid

Price: $140-195

Key Notes: Black Orchid, Black Truffle, Patchoulli

You can’t go wrong with the classics. The first fragrance Tom Ford developed, this scent is still hailed as the “best” by many of the brand’s followers.

In a bid to create the “perfect flower”, this scent is a perfectly well-rounded fragrance that could be classified as either a floral, or an oriental.

Alluring and wearable, this is a go-to scent for many perfume-wearers that offers major returns for a reasonable price.

Best For a Statement
Tom Ford F*cking Fabulous

Price: $216-940

Key Notes: Sage, Leather, Tonka Bean

The newest in Tom Ford’s lineup, this fragrance is being hailed as the “best ever” by its very avid fans.

F*cking Fabulous packs a punch, both in its scent and in its name. If you’re looking for a leather fragrance that makes a statement, this is the way to go.

Best Floral
Tom Ford Metallique

Price: $165-210

Key Notes: Floral, Pink Peppercorn, Sandalwood

The problem with most florals is that they’re, well, too flowery. Métallique sidesteps this issue with the grace of a trained dancer.

Buttressed by notes of vanilla and wine, this fragrance is sumptuous to the senses. Compelling, crisp, and wearable, this scent elevates the idea of floral to the next level.

Best For a Date
Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

Price: $270-670

Key Notes: Saffron, Leather, Jasmine

This romantic fragrance is both assertive and gentle. It infiltrates your senses with its powerful top notes of leather, then makes a cozy home there with its underscoring of black suede and hints of floral. Seductive yet familiar, this is the perfect fragrance for a night of romance.

Best For a Special Occasion
Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

Price: $95-175

Key notes: Bergamot, Citrus, Coco de Mer

This bright and heady fragrance will transport you to a faraway exotic location with a single whiff. Touched by notes of pistachio and spice, this is what smelling expensive really means.

A nice divergence from the typical range of scents, the Eau de Soleil Blanc is a great choice for a wedding or a luxury vacation.

Best For Everyday Wear
Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

Price: $270

Key Notes: Tobacco Leaf, Ginger, Vanilla

Generous and warmly spiced, Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum is the best Tom Ford fragrance for everyday wear.

This is a well-rounded scent with top notes of tobacco, anchored by hints of dried fruit and earthy tones. This scent embodies excellence in every drop, and will have you walking tall into the office.

Best For a Business Meeting
Tom Ford Ombre Leather

Price: $140-195

Key Notes: Leather, Violet, Amber

There is something about leather fragrances that inspires power in the wearer. Ombre Leather by Tom Ford bespeaks confidence with its floral hints reinforced by whiffs of leather and amber.

This fragrance smells like the satisfaction of a successful contract closing and the night of drinks that follows, perfect for wearing into a high-rise.

Well, there you have it! The best Tom Ford fragrances for every situation. But the truth is, you really can’t go wrong no matter which scent you choose.

Tom Ford has made a name for itself by producing high-quality, enthralling fragrances that stun with both their names and the well-bodied character of their formulas. Any of the fragrances listed here will dazzle the senses and help you radiate elegance.