Smell Fresh This Summer With These 3 Summer Fragrances

Summer is here and something that is often overlooked by a lot of guys (that is actually super important) is a summer fragrance.

When it comes to finding a summer scent you want something that’s very light, has a cool smell and works even better when it’s hot out.

We’ve found 3 men’s summer fragrances that are absolutely perfect for the summer season.

Best Summer Scents

For Men

Versace Pour Homme

Versace Pour Homme is a very light and cool scent that is absolutely perfect for the summer time.

When it’s super hot out and you’re sweating a little, this fragrance intensifies and makes you smell even better.

Use when: It’s stupidly hot out.

Nautica Voyage

There is a reason Nautica Voyage has been a best selling cologne for years now. It’s the absolute perfect summer fragrance.

I would describe it like laying out on the beach after a fresh shower.

Use when: Lounging at the beach or going for a hike

Dior Sauvage

We’ve covered some scents for special summer occasions but what about an everyday summer fragrance for when you’re working or just hanging out?

That’s when we put on Dior Sauvage, the perfect ‘everyday scent’ for the summer.

Use when: Everything in-between like work, date nights, etc