The Best Budget Slim Wallets For Men

A man’s wallet says a lot about him. Today’s modern man carries something slim, practical, and understated. It can be a sign of sophistication, success, and professionalism. It can also be a sign of immaturity.

If you’re on a date and you pull out a bright red Velcro wallet you’ve had since high school, you might be stuck with second thoughts instead of a second date. If that sounds like you, now’s the time to upgrade.

Let’s ditch the Velcro, the chains, the graphics (Even that Pulp Fiction tri-fold you bought in 2009), and go with something sleek, AND affordable.

Here’s our list of Best Slim Wallets for Men.

Card Sleeve by Bellroy

Okay. I know. A card sleeve isn’t technically a wallet. But in today’s world, wallets are less for holding cash, and more for keeping up with your cards and IDs. If you’re like many of us that rarely carries folding money, consider ditching the traditional all together for this minimalist piece. It has room for 8 cards, with 2 separate slots. The large slot features a pull tab for those that like to pack to the limit. It comes with a 3-year warranty, so it’s clear that Bellroy stands by their craftsmanship.

Vanguard Limited Slim Front Pocket Bifold Wallet by Flowfold

If you want something a little more traditional, this slim bi-fold is perfect. Now, there are certain colorways that will get you some sideways glances, but we like to keep it subtle with plain black. The Vanguard is simple, and it gets the job done. With a standard pocket for bills, and two transparent card sleeves, you can fit everything you need in a fraction of the size of a normal wallet. The material is waterproof, it floats, and it’s 100% vegan friendly. As the name implies, the wallet works great for front pockets, coming in at around 2 credit cards thick.

Men’s Minimalist Wallet by Billetus RFID

Readers have been a big topic of discussion in recent years. With more people exclusively using cards, identity thieves have upped their game. The usual solution is a bulky metal wallet. These aren’t the best looking ones either. Enter Billetus with the solution. It starts with a ballistic grade nylon card sleeve. Then they slip in thin titanium plates to protect your 10 cards from RFIDs. Finish it off with a carbon fiber money clip, and you have a subtle, durable, and safe wallet that won’t bust your pockets.

Poquito Wallet by Madera

Looking for something that makes a bit of a statement? A recent trend in men’s wallets is the wooden card sleeve. Madera has taken it a step farther with their Poquito. It’s still a little closer to a sleeve than a tradition bi or tri-fold, but the fanning design allows you to not only slip bills in, but you don’t have to dump out the contents to find them. If the practicality wasn’t enough to win you over, its gorgeous, polished wood shell will. Offering cherry, oak, and walnut, this is a conversation starter that you’ll want to show off.

Modern Carbon Fiber Wallet by WAVY Products

This wallet from WAVY takes a different position on the bi-fold versus card sleeve spectrum. With 3 card slots on either side, this wallet has the card capacity of your standard sleeve with the added bonus side pocket perfect for (folded) cash. WAVY adds another slim option to the Anti-RFID industry. The carbon fiber shell has blocking technology that gives you security in a pint-sized package. And as you likely know, carbon fiber also means this wallet will stand up to just about anything.

Tri-Fold Slim Wallet by Big Skinny

We don’t know why you might need it, but Big Skinny gives you a wallet with a 25+ card capacity. They pack an enormous amount of storage into a design slim enough for a front pocket. There’s a full-sized bill pocket, 4 extra wide card pockets, an ID window, and 2 hidden storage compartment. This is the only tri-fold on our list, and Big Skinny definitely worked hard to earn the spot.

Wallet with Coin Pocket by Corkor

Next on our list is a wallet that makes use of a feature you rarely see in slim wallets: a coin pocket. If you use a lot of cash day to day, then you probably receive a LOT of change. This wallet has a small compartment on the outside for easy access. It has 8 card slots and 2 bill pockets, making it perfect for the organization freak. Another unique feature of this wallet, and the brand, is the use of eco-friendly cork. Corkor offers a lengthy catalog of slim wallets, covering all of the basic varieties.

Original Soft Shell Wallet by SlimFold

Most of these wallets, as is the curse of the slim wallet, are limited in cash storage. So often, designers cut out the bill pocket to save space. If you’re a man that carries a lot of cash, this is the easy choice for you. To make it even better, SlimFold made the bill pocket oversized, perfect for receipts, checks, boarding passes, or whatever might get stuffed in there. And with enough room for 20 cards, this wallet is the ultimate storage accessory.

Premium Leather Wallet by Hide You Seek

This wallet made our list purely for it’s unique features. The slim design has everything you’d expect: 1 external and 2 internal card slots, and an internal money clip for folded bills. It’s made to fit in any pocket making it a suitable choice for any modern man. What sets this wallet apart are the key rings. With only one item to cram in your pockets, Hide You Seek takes a new approach to slimming down your pockets.

The Key by Bronxton

Another solution to a bulky key ring is this bi-fold by Bronxton. It doesn’t offer much in the way of storage, but with 4 pockets, a cash strap, and three key slots, The Key is the perfect option for city dwellers with no car and no need for much else.