The Best Round Glasses for Your Everyday Look

Time seems to be going backward for many fashion trends. Those deemed ‘out of fashion’ are powerfully coming back in style, achieving the aesthetic that Gen Z is looking for.

Wide leg pants, choker necklaces, you name it. But under all of these different comebacks, lies the eyewear fashion. Over the course of the past few decades, glasses were constantly changing to meet the standards of the fast-developing trends.

They aren’t used for vision correction anymore like they were widely used before, thanks to the affordability of LASIK eye surgeries. Despite that, you can depend on them to add some flair to your casual everyday look, especially round glasses.

With their popularity slowly rising the past few years, it appears that round glasses have finally reached their peak once again in the fashion world these days.

The Best Round Glasses: Our Top Picks

Following every trend that pops up sounds like a hard task, especially with new trends coming out or coming back nearly every other day.

Being fashionable can sometimes cost you a lot, and time and money don’t particularly go easy on anyone.

Put your mind at ease though, because we’re going to help you stay fashionable, at a low cost.

Here are our top picks for the trendiest round eyeglasses available.

1. Gold Pro Acme NonPrescription Round Glasses

Gold never gets old, and it looks like it suits round spectacles wonderfully. This pair comes with adjustable nose grips to comfortably sit on your nose bridge without sliding off.

Its good quality and chic frame provides durability when performing various activities.

Moreover, its optically-adjusted polycarbonate lens presents the world to you in a quality you’ve never experienced before.

2. ZeroUV Oversized Round EyeGlasses

Oversize has been a trend since forever, and it seems like it’s never going out of style. Oversized clothes aren’t only adorable, they’re comfy, just like this pair of eyeglasses.

Eye strain isn’t the one thing these spectacles can protect you from, as they provide protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays that can deeply penetrate your skin, causing early aging and wrinkling.

Who wouldn’t want to buy a pair of glasses that could save them from the struggles of unwanted wrinkles?

3. grinderPUNCH Round Retro Glasses

Many appear to agree on the fact that anything considered ‘retro’ has a special charm to it, and the grinderPUNCH glasses are surely charming.

With its unisex design, and its clear non-prescription lens that provides you with perfect unclouded vision, you can enjoy sharing it with a loved one; so both of you can be fashionable icons.

Besides, it has a 100% protection against ultraviolet rays just like the previous model, giving you the chance to look modern and avoiding the damaging results of ultraviolet exposure all at once!

4. COASION Round Shades John Lennon Style

Owning a pair of cool shades definitely makes you stand out, and that’s the purpose of this pair.

Aside from its color diversity, it comes with a glare protection property, allowing you to experience your surroundings in a clear view while maintaining your eyesight unharmed.

Additionally, it has a breakage lifetime warranty on both the frame and lens. If John Lennon himself would come back to life, he’d undoubtedly say yes to this pair!

5. OPTIFINE Glasses With Anti Blue Light Blocking For Reading

Whether you like solid colored frames or those with a pattern, then this one’s for you.

Not only is it unisex designed, but it’s anti-blue light as well.

You can test the quality of its blockage too, all you have to do is place the glasses against a wall, and aim a blue light torch at it.

You’ll see that the lenses have blocked the blue light reaching it in the shade, confirming that it actually does have a blue light filter equipped on it.

On top of that, this pair gives you magnification strengths that help you with reading or any other precision work.

Reasons to Wear Non-prescription Glasses

Your good eyesight may have spared you the trouble of wearing prescription glasses, and although it may not seem like it; wearing fake glasses actually has some benefits to it.

A study conducted by the french Audirep research institute showed that wearing fake glasses helped reduce eye strain caused by staring at digital devices for long periods, proving that wearing fake eyeglasses won’t damage your eyesight in any possible way, quite the opposite in fact.

Wearing non-prescription glasses can also guarantee the safety of your eyesight against both blue light and UV rays.

Keeping Your Glasses Clean

Just like any regular eyewear, non-prescription glasses also need to be kept clean. Many people -prescription glasses wearers included- overlook the body of the glasses and mostly care for the clarity of their lens, which is a bit wrong.

It’s much more than just accidentally picking your glasses up by the lenses and getting them smudged.

Your frame gets dirty as much as your lens does due to their direct contact with your sweat, dirt, and even oils produced from your skin.

A cloth, a cotton swab, and some dish soap can make wonders to thoroughly clean every bit of your glasses.

Begin with running your glasses under lukewarm water. Use a few drops of dish soap to wipe both your lens and frame.

Rinse the soap well, then pat your glasses dry with a cotton cloth. Dip the swab in some alcohol and remove any blemishes from hard to clean corners.

However, it’s advisable to use alcohol sparingly, to save your frame’s body from wearing away sooner than expected.

Also, it’s unnecessary to alcohol use if your glasses are rimless; which means that your lenses are either directly attached to the bridge or the temples.


New generations always look up to previous generations when it comes to fashion, and that’s why various trends are breathing back to life again.

For our best pick, I’d like to recommend the ProAcme pair. It fits everyone, so you don’t have to worry about it suiting your facial features. But if you’re looking for something more stylish and picture taking worthy, then the Coasion shades are a perfect match