The 3 Best Lip Balms That Actually Work

Here’s a scenario:

You’re suffering from dry, chapped lips so you get yourself a lip balm or chap stick from your nearest convenience store.

You apply and it seems to do OK but you now have this gross greasy layer on top of your lips and you also can’t help but lick at your lips every chance that you get.

Eventually, your lips end up being more dry and cracked than before! This is the cause of low quality lip balm.

If you actually suffer from chronic chapped lips, there are much better options, and hopefully this article can finally help you find a real solution for your dry lips.

The Best Lip Balms For Men

1. Aquaphor

This stuff is an absolute god send for those of us that suffer from dry lips.

Aquaphor products is as legit as they come. They give you the power and moisture of Vaseline, but the consistency is a lot less thick and not as noticeable.

Honestly, if you suffer from chronic dry lips, I highly recommend trying out Aquaphor before anything else so you have an idea of what supple, moisturized lips should feel like.

There’s 2 products I like from Aquaphor, the healing ointment which is a more general use ointment that can be applied to the lips but it’s a little bit thinner of a coat than the Aquaphor lip balm. Both will do an amazing job for your lips.

$: Aquaphor Lip Balm

$: Aquaphor Healing Ointment

2. Neosporin Lip Health

Neosporin is another very powerful dry lip cure that actually works the root of the problem.

The way this works is you apply a coat of the product on your lips before you go to bed and you wake up with soft, moisturized lips for the rest of the day.

I recommend this only second because it takes a bit more thought and effort to use, and many people (like myself) are lazy.

$: Neosporin Lip health

3. Jack Black Lip Balm

This is the only “standard” lip balm that has done anything for me. It does legitimately moisturize your lips but you might have to apply it every few hours.

I don’t like most standard lip balms but Jack Black has made a quality product here and it’s worth trying it out if the other options are too intense for you.

$: Jack Black Lip Balm