The 5 Best Fall Jackets For Men

I’m sure you’ve seen a ton of different best fall jacket articles, and they always recommend the same ‘safe’ and basic jackets. This article is different, if you want actual jackets that are going to elevate your look and up your fashion game, this is the post for you.

All of the listed jackets are trendy looks that any guy can pull off, they’re not super expensive to pursue, and best of all they look great. Whichever jacket style you pick, there is one here that suits your personality and personal style. Let’s get to it.

Table of contents

Varsity Jackets

With the 90’s style still trending at full steam ahead, what better jacket to wear than a varsity jacket. Perfect for wearing as a stand alone fall jacket, or layering it up with sweaters and hoodies for the winter. You can’t go wrong with a varsity jacket. Super easy to style and a very stylish casual style.

Grab yourself a pair of cargo pants, or light-wash straight leg jeans for an easy combination that works.

Our pick: Zara – Varsity Jacket


An overshirt is a pretty wide variety of what I would consider a jacket. You have thick flannel overshirts and lighter overshirts perfect for fall and summer. Whatever you style you go with, keep the occasion and weather in mind. I would consider this jacket the most versatile just because of how much variety you have in terms of style.

An overshirt, like the name suggests, is meant to go over your shirt. That’s why it’s best paired with a crispy plain white tee.

Our pick: Zara – Textured Weave Overshirt

Oversized Denim Jacket

There is a lot of controversy about what’s the best style of denim jacket at the moment. Personally, with the trend of the 90’s and y2k revival, I think an oversized denim jacket is the best look at the moment.

Mostly because a slimmer denim jacket can only really be layered over a t-shirt, but an oversized one can be worn over a hoodie for more warmth.

Our pick: Foret – Rowan Denim Overshirt

Corduroy Jacket

It’s not secret that one of my favorite materials for clothing in 2022/2023 is corduroy. I absolutely love corduroy pants and by extension I’ve fallen in love with a really nice corduroy jacket.

They just scream fall to me, and work very much the same as a nice denim jacket. I highly recommend grabbing yourself a corduroy jacket in a fall color (orange).

Our pick: FORM & THREAD – Corduroy Jacket

Workwear Jacket

The vintage workwear jacket is perhaps my favorite jacket on the list. It screams vintage cool and works as the perfect fall jacket because it’s stylish but at the same time it’s super durable and warm.

You can dress it with cargo pants, double knee pants and pretty much any type of straight leg pants. Make sure you opt for a vintage style from brands like Carhartt.

Our pick: Vintage Carhartt Jacket