The Best Deodorants and Antiperspirants For Men

When it comes to deodorants and antiperspirants you are flooded with options and it can get a bit confusing. With all the different chemicals, scents, and gels and creams and sticks and roll ons, making a choice for what’s best for you will come down to your unique bodily needs.

In this article we will try to give you options for whatever your problem is. Here are some problems you may be having with your current deodorant or antiperspirant:

  • White streaks appearing on your shirts
  • Smell doesn’t last long enough
  • sensitivity to certain chemicals (aluminum & parabens)
  • you still sweat a lot even when you apply antiperspirant


First let’s get some basic information on what actually causes under arm body odor and sweating and the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant.

Bad underarm scent is ammonia and other waste products from bacteria living on the skin and urea from your sweat.

  • Deodorant is (usually) a product that has a fragrance with antibacterial chemicals in it which prevent your sweat from smelling bad.
  • Antiperspirant products contain aluminum chloride salts which serves the purpose of entering your skin and purposely clogging your sweat glands so you physically cannot sweat from where it is applied.

There is a lot of controversy over certain chemicals in deodorants and antiperspirants that are said to cause cancer and other harmful effects. The science isn’t 100% conclusive but it’s worth researching on your own if that’s a main area of worry for you.

The Best Deodorants For Men

Malin & Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

This eucalyptus scented deodorant is amazing if you’re looking for a deodorant that has a nice scent, all day lasting scent, but is lowkey .

If your main area of contention is a deodorant that leaves no stains, this is the perfect product for you as it leaves no streaks or residue.

It is also aluminum & alcohol free so you will be free of irritation. This is a very natural deodorant.

Baxter of California Citrus and Herbal-Musk Deodorant

This is a great natural deodorant that will have you smelling great. The product is what I would call a luxury deodorant.

If you don’t have problems with sweating and you don’t really have a bad under arm smell – this is perfect because it smells nice, feels nice and wears very easily with no stains or streaks of any kind.

But it doesn’t provide much in terms of anti bacterial properties so don’t expect a long lasting scent if your main problem is underarm smell.

Sure Original Solid Unscented

For our last deodorant in the natural category is Sure. An old school brand that has kept true to it’s roots. Many say that this is the one deodorant that actually lives up to the “all natural, no harmful chemicals, no scent” mantra.

So some of you might be wondering why you’d want a deodorant that has no scent, the main reason (for me) is that you don’t want a strong scented deodorant if you’re wearing cologne. Other’s might be sensitive to smells and would just rather have their underarms overall odorless. Whatever your reason, this is a great product for just that.

Mother Dirt

This is a very new and innovative product in the field of deodorants.

Mother Dirt contains bacteria that breaks down the wastes that cause underarm odor, essentially eliminating the smell.

It is an interesting alternative, and something to definitely experiment with for those who are sensitive to the aluminum antiperspirants and over scented deodorants, or who have incredibly malodorous underarms.

The Best Antiperspirants For Men

If you have problems with sweaty underarms, I know how much of a pain it could be. I’ve researched and am recommending products that ACTUALLY work.

Kiehls Superbly Efficient Antiperspirant and Deodorant Cream

I love Kiehls products because most of the time they do what they say they will. This is what I would consider a first line of defense for someone with mild-moderate underarm sweat.

It will work great and help with underarm sweat and provide you with a pleasant scent if your problems are mild to moderate in terms of sweating and odor.

Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant

This stuff is the real deal.

How it works: you apply it on your underarms every other night before bed. What is does is virtually shut your sweat glands down for the next 48 hours.

If you’re someone that is always sweating excessively this is the product to try; my armpits go from the Amazon rainforest to the Saharan desert overnight.


If you really want to take your antipersiperant game to defcon 5, this will do it for you.

It works very much the same way as Certain-Dri, you apply it before going to bed when your sweat glands are at rest.

But it is a lot stronger – it provides 7 DAYS of sweat free under arms. This is a very strong product and could cause irritation, but it really does work.

This is by far THE STRONGEST antiperspirant on the market.