Best Black Combat Boots

I’ve had kind of an obsession with black combat boots lately.

I think they’re the perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe, especially considering the current trends in fashion.

Black combat boots are great because of how versatile they are, they can be worn with an old pair of Levi’s jeans and look grungy and cool as hell, or they can be worn with a slim pair of black jeans and look super sleek but with a bit of added edge.

It’s also winter time in many places, and they make great winter boots.

Now we’ve talked a bit about how amazing these boots are, but I didn’t expect it to be so hard to actually find a pair that I liked the look of.

It seems like the combat boots with what I find to have the best and sharpest designs are made by designer brands, and they have ridiculous price tags. (curse my expensive taste!)

But I did find some old school brands within reasonable price ranges that looked really awesome as well.

How To Wear Black Combat Boots

Black combat boots are super versatile both in ways you can wear them right and ways you can wear them wrong.

We’ll start off with the #1 mistake people make when buying combat boots:

  • Boots look too big on you? You messed up the sizing.

If you get a pair of combat boots that are too big for you, you will look ridiculous. No one wants the dreaded clown shoes look. Make sure you get the correct size, having boots a bit tight isn’t a bad thing because the leather is supposed to stretch out a bit and mold around your feet.

  • Boots hurting your feet? Blisters, scrapes and pain?

If you find that wearing boots is just plain uncomfortable for you, don’t fret. It’s normal for boots to have a “break-in” period where your feet and the boot just need to get used to each other. I highly suggest wearing some thick high socks during this time to make it more bearable and to protect your feet.

Simple Black Combat Boots Outfits

Lesson 1: Black boots looks great with…even more black!
Lesson 2: cuffed jeans or tapered jeans look great with combat boots
Lesson 3: Distressed denim. vintage shirts, bomber jackets all work amazingly
Lesson 4: Black jeans, gray jeans, blue jeans. All work.

Best Black Combat Boots

Dr Martens: Made in England Rixon Boots

Dr Martens are a classic. The look is iconic and it certainly gives that bit of ‘edginess’ we’re looking for.

Solovair Derby Boots

Handmade leather boots in England. A lot of people recommend this brand, it is very similar in quality and price point to the doc martens.

Common Projects Black Combat Boots

These are my favorite combat boots in terms of look and quality. The only downside is it comes at a hefty price tag. If you don’t mind second hand, you can find this boot listed on Grailed from time to time.

Red Wing Heritage 8 Inch Boots

Red Wing is an extremely respected name in boots. From the price point to the quality of the boot, you’re getting a special product here that will last you for years to come and also look great.

Thursday Boot Company: Lace-up Boot

While not exactly a ‘traditional’ combat boot, these are a lot more sleek and slimmer but they carry on the aesthetic quite well. If you’re looking for something more professional and low-key, these are a great fit.