Basic Guide to Layering Your Clothes Like a Pro

Apart from the being convenient during chilly weather, layering has become a huge part of men’s fashion. Layering not only adds a new dimension to an outfit but can also make a boring basic outfit extremely stylish and fashionable.

Beyond being functional, putting some thought into color and texture combinations while layering not only adds variety but also adds individuality and personality to your overall look.

Layering is best done from thin to thick

  •  It is advisable that the under layer should be a thinner garment then the thickness will increase as you add more layers. This will make it easy to regulate your temperature by removing the outer layer without compromising the style of your outfit. T-shirts are great for creating the base layer; this is because apart from thin they are typically made using light material.layers
  • A great way to finish the look is a light stylish jacket. A denim jacket is the ultimate layering piece, in fact, most layered casual wear outfits feature denim as their centerpiece for layering. Since denim mostly has a light wash color, the rest of your garments should be earthy, neutral or have a grey-black tone.layering-denim-jackets
  • Since the denim jacket is the thickest garment and also the outer layer, it is advisable to size it down so that it does not overwhelm the whole outfit. Additionally, sizing down the denim jacket also makes your other pieces show through. Hoodies, on the other hand, are a very, versatile, stylish and functional middle layer, they are also versatile as they can be worn on their own or even with a jacket or coat over them.layering hoodie
  • Alternatively, you can finish off your look with a military jacket. Apart from being cool and adding a burst of color to your outfit, the military jacket is also cool and ageless.layinerg-bomber-jacket

Layering is best done when all your pieces are different sizes

Layering garments particularly when it comes to street wear works well when the garments vary in fit. The aim is to ensure every garment is well showcase; no outfit should be completely concealed. Garments should vary in design, some garments should have weight suppression so that that you don’t seem bulky. Essentially you should choose garments that feature a type of fit and placements that work for your body and style.leather-jacket

Getting the color right is the biggest aspect of layering properly

To be safe when layering street wear, it is always a good idea to ensure that your sneakers or general footwear do not match what you are wearing on top. When layering many garments it is very easy to color clash. You can either choose neutral colors such as gray black and navy or choose bright colors that complement each other. The more colors you choose the more interesting the look. To avoid color clashing choose a central color and sure all the other colors you choose to complement it.bomber-jacket

Quick Tips

· Ensure ever visible layer is something you can wear on its own

· All the outer hems should be longer than the inner hems, it’s more appealing that way

· It’s not wrong to have a lot of colors, just ensure there are familial similarities between a couple of the colors. Only one or two of the colors should be bright and vivid

· Try and scale your patterns from the lightest to the strongest.

Sizing is very important when layering street-wear. Without proper sizing of all your garments, your outfit will simply look awkward and may not work at all. The trick is to ensure all the garments you are layering are appropriately sized to the point that they flow together effortlessly.