How To Keep Your Apartment Smelling Good

A problem many guys face when they move out into their own place is keeping their apartment or condo smelling fresh.

I personally thought all those years of living at home my house just naturally had a good scent, boy was I wrong.

Mom put a lot of effort into keeping the apartment smelling good! And now you need to put in the same effort for your own place.

Dealing With Bad Smells

You might be tempted to throw a few dollars at a bottle of air fresher and spray it every hour and call it a day – wrong!

Sometimes your place smells bad for a reason, and you need to find the source.

If you just spray Febreeze, it can mix with the bad smell and give out an even more putrid smell.

In my experience, the top 3 sources of dirty smells are:

  1. The Toilet
  2. The Sink / Microwave
  3. The Garbage can

If that’s the case with you, I recommend you get some Clorox wipes and get to work.

Clorox wipes are a very easy way to clean pretty much anything in your apartment and remove the stench that comes along with it.

If your sink is giving off a foul odor, you can try pouring white vinegar down the drain or the plethora of other recipes for removing sink odor.

After cleaning, you want to give the smell somewhere to go or else it will just linger, which is why I recommend you open up all the windows for a few hours and let the smells dissipate.

Introduce Good Smells

When it comes to introducing scents into your apartment, you don’t want to over do it.

You want a nice subtle scent, not something overpowering.

I highly recommend a reed diffuser to scent your place, it produces a lot subtler of a smell compared to something like a scented candle.

Another option is going the simple route of glade plugins scented oilsThey work but in my experience they don’t last very long and you will need to replace the oil often.

A neat little trick you can use that is very cheap is leaving dryer sheets around the corner of the house. These will both grab bad odors and emit a pleasant smell and it’s very cost effective.


If you don’t want your apartment to start stinking again it’s a good idea to have a cleaning schedule.

I highly recommend doing a soft apartment clean every every week and doing a thorough cleaning every month.