How To Always Smell Good As a Man

Have you noticed that you tend to smell bad by the end of the day, despite putting on strong antiperspirant and maybe even some cologne? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Commonly, smells don’t last throughout the day.

There’s more to smelling good than just antiperspirant and some fragrance. Continue reading below for some good tips on how to always smell good throughout the day.

Shower Daily

Showering daily is a must for those that want to smell good. Not only does your body produce a lot of sweat which causes you to have a strong smell, but you pick up smells as you walk around on your skin, hair, and more.

Showering daily eliminates smells and prevents the smells from building up on the body. It also helps to keep your skin clean, which eliminates buildups on the skin and in the pores for better-looking skin and a better-smelling body.

Unscented Soaps

When you are bathing, you may be tempted to use a soap with a strong, manly odor. There are plenty out there that smell like smoke, wood, and spices. However, most of the time, it is better to use unscented soaps. This is because having too many scents on your body can make them counteract each other, or make the smell too strong and unpleasant.

It’s similar to having two different scents in your home at once, like one from a candle, and one from an air freshening spray. Even if they have a similar smell, they may get too strong.

Wear Fresh Laundry Every Day

While it may be more economically friendly to wear clothes a second or third time to prevent you from having to do more laundry, it can make you smell worse. The bacteria and grime that make you smell bad and build up at the end of a day also build up on your clothes.

Wearing fresh clothing daily will help to eliminate any bad odors and make you smell clean and fresh.

Use an Unscented Laundry Detergent

Same with using scented body soap, you want to pick a laundry soap that is either unscented or simply gives off a smell of clean linen. Some laundry detergents let off a strong odor that, while pleasant, may not work well with your other scents.

However, you want to make sure it works at eliminating bad odors. If your laundry still smells bad at the end, or the laundry detergent imparts a funky smell, you may want to try something different.

Trim Excess Body Hair

Many people think shaving a lot of your body hair like armpit hair is something that primarily women do. However, it can provide a lot of benefits to men as well. Excess hair can trap odors. So if you are having problems with odor, consider shaving things like your chest, back, and armpits to help get rid of any odors that might be building up.

Use Cologne Every Day

Some people think using cologne is only for special occasions, but that isn’t the case. While you can save your expensive cologne for dates, there are cheaper but still good-smelling colognes that are good to use when you are at work, or when you go out to the bar.

Consider having a couple of different colognes that you can use for various situations, instead of using just one smell.

Always Use Deodorant

A lot of men use antiperspirants, thinking that blocking sweat will help to eliminate the smell. However, many men have reported that they smell better when switching to deodorant.

Studies on the subject have found that the salts that are present in antiperspirants but not deodorants can actually cause an imbalance of bacteria when applied constantly. In addition, aluminum present in most products kills off bacteria that aren’t as smelly as well.

Together, this leads to a lot of space for smelly bacteria to take over the skin, and lead you to smell worse. While using it occasionally, such as for a job interview, can be fine, using it daily will make it much worse.

That doesn’t mean you have to live with your natural armpit stench. Switch to deodorant instead, it helps to mask your natural armpit smell without creating an imbalance of bacteria. Using deodorant daily is fine, and a good idea.

Focus Cologne on Intimate Areas

When you are using cologne, don’t just spray it anywhere. Instead, focus more concentrated smells on intimate and pulse points. Areas such as the neck, armpits, wrists, knees, and behind the ears are good areas. This allows the scent to mask any bad smells as well as allows for an even distribution of scent.

You don’t have to use all of these pulse points, but picking a couple like the wrists and neck can help add a pleasant scent to you when people pass by without drowning them in the cologne from across the room.

Mix Cologne With Body Butter or Lotion

If you are going to be out for a long time, or don’t want to have to worry about reapplying cologne, using lotion or body butter before applying cologne is a good trick to not only enhance your scent but make it last longer. Moisturizers help the scent to absorb into your skin, instead of just staying on the surface.

Of course, you will want to use unscented lotion or body butter. Another trick is if you have an oil-based cologne, you can mix it with your body butter to help it really blend in and absorb easily.

Spray Your Sheets with Cologne

If you spray your sheets with cologne before going to bed, it will help you to eliminate any bad odors that might build on your skin overnight, especially if you tend to sweat a lot when you sleep.

This is primarily for those that shower at night before bed, instead of those that shower in the morning. If you shower in the morning, the cologne will disappear anyway, so it may just be a waste.

The cologne has the added benefit of making your sheets smell nice, so if you bring a girl home, you don’t have to worry about stale-smelling blankets.

Use Deodorant Before Bed

Another tip if you tend to sweat at night, and don’t shower in the mornings, putting on deodorant before bed can also help. Top it off in the morning before you leave, and you can ensure that you don’t have any residual armpit stink.

However, if you aren’t going out for a day, it can be a good idea to let your armpits air out a bit at night, so you don’t have to practice this one daily.