7 Fall / Winter Outfits For 2022

Now that the weather is getting colder, you need to start thinking about fabric weights, colors, and layers to achieve the perfect transition into a fall wardrobe. Consider adjusting your clothing choices as the weather dictates. 

Ξ€here’s no better time of the year to wear all of your favorite knitwear that will keep you warm, cozy, and stylish! Looking to upgrade your winter wardrobe? Be sure here you will find inspiring outfits to copy asap! 

Keep reading to find out five different ways that you can integrate a pop of color into your outfit to make your fall-winter wardrobe just pop a little bit more.

Sweaters are truly shining during fall because they add stylish and warm layers into any outfit. If things heat up a bit, they can be easily removed and still keep you looking cool.

You can dress them down with beige denim jeans and a flannel shirt on top in neutral shades.

A button down shirt is a great layering piece to style under a knitted cardigan or a sweater. Consider heavier fabrics such as corduroy, brushed twill, harbor, and cotton wool that pair well with wool pants.

Wool trousers are an easy substitute for chino pants. You can easily add them into any dressy or business casual outfit, with a collar shirt, sports coat blazer and dress boots.

Hoodies are an absolute staple of a winter wardrobe. You can wear a slightly cropped oversized fit hoodie and a whole world of layering possibilities just opens up.

Layer it under a long overcoat, or opt for a short coat with light wash denim and pop on some sunglasses to make it more casual.

For a casual day in town, opt for a brown suede jacket with a classic pair of dark wash jeans and some chelsea boots. There’s no better feeling than the cozy warmth of a knit sweatshirt.

Denim is always a smart choice, especially when it comes to the fall and winter seasons. The classic dark blue, indigo color wash is ideal for cooler months, since your wardrobe consists of darker shades.

For those windier days, go for a turtleneck sweater to keep your neck warm. A boxy oversized turtleneck is an absolute staple paired with wool trousers and penny loafers for a grandpa chic vibe.

The fun thing about knitwear is that you have options for every taste, from timeless basics to more adventurous choices. Add a baseball cap to make the look more fresh and trendy.

No fall/winter wardrobe would be complete without appropriate rainwear. A good quality raincoat can shield you from rainy weather, especially if you live in a place that rains a lot!

When it comes to raincoats, opt for neutral colors like light gray, black, cream white that is easy to pop onto any outfit.

Whether you go for real or faux, leather is a great choice of fabric for the colder months. Try a pair of leather pants with black or white sneakers of your choice, a chunky sweater and some headwear, such as a beanie or a baseball cap.

If you’d rather opt for leather outerwear that’s not your typical biker jacket, try a leather overshirt. Style it with a cool button-down shirt, trousers and boots for an evening outfit that’ll look just as good when you have to take off a layer.