The 5 Best Simple Baseball Caps For Men

Throughout the years, hats marked the class and social standing of a man.

Especially the baseball cap.

It is not just an accessory, but also a staple of a stylish man’s wardrobe. Baseball caps are perfect for a weekend out with your friends.

Today, baseball caps are respected in the fashion industry. Caps are recognized for that extra sense of “mystery” in a man’s look.

A high-end baseball cap worth three digits is not uncommon. But, this is not in a part of a rational man’s budget. Great style is inexpensive.  There is no need to waste over a hundred dollars for a good baseball cap.

Fortunately, there are alternatives that will not break the bank.

Here are a few brands that will help you achieve the look and quality you’re looking for in the best baseball cap.

Polo Ralph Lauren 

Like stated earlier, paying $100 for a hat is absurd.

We understand if it’s for a jacket or a pair of jeans.

However, most hats are best kept at a price that does not hurt the pockets.

Polo understands this mindset. Their caps are of high-quality material at a price that is friendly to most.  A basic and stylish cap for the modern man!

$: Polo Ralph Lauren Sports Logo Hat


Feeling sporty? We recommend Adidas for their cheap, yet functional baseball caps. While their brand is mainstream, there are a few hidden gems.

Take an Adidas cap when you’re having a long workout session with your friends.

You’ll look like a star once you hit the gym!

$: Adidas Adizero Cap


Gents makes baseball caps for with a modest aesthetic.

While their Luxe collection is pricey, their original collection is perfect. For a basic and stylish look, Gents will give the most bang for your buck.

We recommend their Core Signature Caps if you are looking for something to add to your wardrobe.

$: Gents Cashmere Baseball Cap


Huf is known for their revolutionary 5 panel hats. They have a wide variety of snap backs and caps that easily sharpen a man’s image. Their collection of hats is innovative yet affordable.

In fact, you can buy a simple unbranded logo for a very reasonable price!

$: Huf Script Logo Cap

The Beauty of Unbranded Hats

If logo hats aren’t your thing, go with a classic plain cap.  Simple minimalism is in fashion, and as fashion trends change, so does the daily wear of the average man.

Learning how to adapt is a trait that the modern man adheres to. When looking for hats, we recommend you find one that applies to your personal style.

Use caps to your advantage! Make a fashion statement today!

$: Plain Baseball Cap