Hobbies For Guys To Learn In 2023

Is there anything more to life than just being really really goodlooking?

Actually there is. We talk a lot about improving appearance here on our website but you don’t want to be just a pretty face, you want to be a well rounded man with a variety of hobbies and a rich fulfilling life.

In this article we’re going to talk about some really cool hobbies you should consider taking up that will improve your life in a variety of ways.

Let’s get started.

Not all hobbies are built the same. In my opinion a well rounded guy should have a variety of hobbies that achieve different things.

Eveyguy should have atleast 1 hobby in the following categories.

  • A hobby you do with other people that helps keep you social.
  • A hobby you do with yourself in times where you just want alone time.
  • A hobby that is physically active that will keep you in shape.

1 – Social Hobbies

Humans are naturally social creatures, having a hobby you do with other people is important in having that human connection and also keeping your social skills in-tact. If you spend too much time alone your social skills can atrophy which is not something you want.

Here are some great hobbies you can do with other people:

  • Chess – The game of kings is a fantastic hobby. It requires you to think strategically and solve problems, helping improve your overall mental
    capacity with things such as memory and concentration. It’s also a great way to relax and take your mind off stress.
  • Video Games – Playing video games online on voice chat with friends is a great way to pass some time. Just don’t go overboard with this and make it the only thing you do. Moderation is key.

2 – Solo Hobbies

There’s going to be times that you just wanna do something alone or other people are not available. This is a great time to have a hobby where the only thing you need is yourself. A lot of solo hobbies tend to be on the creative side. Here’s a few you can try out.

  • Art – Whether it’s painting, sketching or digital art.
  • Writing – Starting a blog, writing poems, writing essays.
  • Photography – Going outside and taking photos of nature, random objects, city life.
  • Video editing/YouTube Channel – Learning to video edit and starting a YouTube channel for fun.
  • Music – Learning to play an instrument like an acoustic guitar or making digital music with beat software.
  • Programming – Learn a programming language like Python and start automating simple tasks and building your own applications.

The great thing about all of these hobbies is that if you get good enough with them overtime, they can become a new revenue stream and a solid side hustle.

3 – Active Hobbies

A hobbie that is physically active is a great way to keep in shape, keep up your aesthetics and also be in a social enviornment.

  • MMA – Learning a martial art like BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing will both keep you in shape, give you a valuable skillset, and make you a much more confident man.
  • GYM – Whether you’re lifting weights or doing calisthenics, doing some sort of fitness is a must.
  • Sports – Joining a soccer league, a recreational basktball club, or any other sport.
  • Rock climbing – Another great physical activity that is very social and community oriented.
  • Yoga – A great way to keep in shape and at the same time improve your posture, and mentally become more peaceful.

As you may have noticed some of these hobbies can cover two categories at once. For example taking up boxing is both physical and social.
These are all amazing hobbies to have in your arsenal that will help you live a much more fulfilling life, so pick a couple and start as soon as you can.