20 Hobbies For Men That Don’t Require Massive Amounts of Money

Last updated: April 4, 2017

Every dude needs a few hobbies they enjoy doing. Hobbies are a great way to get better at something, hone your skills and become a well rounded man. Who knows, you might become so good at your hobby you’ll even start making money from it!

1. Fantasy Sports

As a fan, there is a science to predicting how your favorite players and teams will perform based on stats. It can be a complicated process, which is fun to learn and brings a whole new edge to watching games as some can be for high stakes wins. Whether with friends, co-workers or complete strangers, you can bond over the love of the game with a little healthy competition to boot.


2. Cars/Bikes

Car repairs and bike restorations can be a great way to get out of the house without actually going anywhere and overspending. A few cold beers and some music and you are set for a few hours of rewarding time spent fixing up a car or bike you intend to drive, ride or sell. Time could not be better spent so long as you have a rough idea on what you are doing or if you have an experienced set of eyes to guide you.


3. Woodworking

With the right set of tools on hand, basic safety equipment, and some easy beginner projects to start, you can master your skills as a woodworker and sell your projects or give them away as gifts. A great skill to have that will save you money in the long, woodworking is an inexpensive hobby that is relatively easy to learn on your own with the help of the beautiful World Wide Web.


4. Home Renovation

All the television series on about home repairs, restorations and renos may have you feeling either confused or inspired. Have no fear, renovating your home can be a budget-friendly process if you prepare yourself ahead of time and stick with your goals. It is a great way to invest money into your home and help you hone all sorts of skills from plumbing to painting to woodworking.


5. Scotch

Scotch is becoming a popular and manly hobby that is easy enough to get into. Not many of us don’t enjoy a buzz but Scotch puts a classy and sophisticated spin on the process. The cost of Scotch alone means it is taken far more seriously. When you take into account it’s rich history, tradition, and the art that goes into making a good tasting Scotch, you find the true appreciation of it. A great way to bond with friends or to find some peace to yourself, Scotch is an art well worth the time spent learning.


6. Weight Training/ Fitness

Fitness is more than a hobby, it is a lifestyle. However, you can take your health to the next level with goals and challenges that will push your body and your mind to new heights. No one can deny the high that comes from a serious workout and the confidence that comes with a healthy change to your body. Whether it is running, cross-fit or weight training, find the workout that you love most and take it to the next level. Your body (and your mind) will thank you and you will learn a great deal about what it takes athletes to achieve what they do.


7. Fishing

While the initial cost of fishing supplies and equipment may seem daunting, fishing is a hobby you can have and benefit from for years to come. Things like licenses and bait are cheap and whether you are looking to bond with a friend/family member or find a moment of solace, the fresh air and cool waters are a perfect place to get away from a hectic lifestyle, find some stillness, and occasionally come home with some fresh food for dinner.


8. Photography

Whether you take a course at a local school or invest in a camera and set to work, photography is an art you can decorate your home with for years to come. Aside from learning the gear, the world is your canvas and if you have the eye for it, you can find the beauty and intrigue in nearly everything around you. Approach photography as any other hobby and give yourself time to learn and perfect it and eventually your photos could be pro status.


9. Models

Not supermodels, unfortunately, though that would be a fun hobby, I mean building scale models. Cars, planes, trains, TIE fighters, whatever floats your boat (boats too!). While model building requires some perfectionism and patience (and possibly smaller hands,) it requires a great deal of skill and attention to detail. The draw to build models comes from that place in you that needs to focus on just one thing alone, a meditative process that takes you away from the daily grind of life.


10. Shooting

While hunting takes on a whole new hobby, shooting is something that you can easily do on a weekend off with some pals to pass the time and channel your inner action hero. Shooting is a thrill that you can practice and master with an array of different types of guns, targets, and styles. From the basic stand and shoot the target to a John Wick obstacle course to a skeet range (think golf range but shooting moving targets with shotguns at each hole instead), there are many hours to develop your skill and have fun with it.


11. Cigars

Like any hobby that involves the taste buds, cigars may be an acquired taste and take you some time to develop a knack for. There are several steps involved in moving from beginner to aficionado. Find what you like to start and always take note of the differences, educating yourself as often as you can. While the occasional cigar shouldn’t hurt, steer clear of this hobby if you are asthmatic or have any contradicting health issues.


12. BBQ

While not much comes between a man and his BBQ, there is a skill to barbecuing that makes it one of the best hobbies. Something you can do from home, for your family, and for guests, learning the art of marinades, smoking, and grilling is a fun and rewarding process that can all be done with a beer in hand, what is not to like?


13. Camping

While the survivalist lifestyle isn’t the most popular, a lot of fun can come from a camping hobbyist. A budget-friendly way to travel with friends and family, camping gets you outdoors and into the adventure with the promise of food over the fire, drinking, and beautiful star gazing you can’t get from home. Camping also comes with numerous health benefits which not many hobbies can match.


14. Beer Brewing

While drinking and learning about Craft beer is fun, actually making the beer from home is an even more rewarding process that takes a bit of chemistry. There is an actual science to making beer, and the fun part is enjoying the fruits of your labor. Once you get the beginner basics down you can upgrade to different styles and flavors of beer to suit your style.


15. Astronomy

Backyard astronomy is a fun way to get outdoors and be mystified by the inconceivable vastness of space and time. You don’t even need to invest in a telescope at first but just learning the stars and using a pair of binoculars is an affordable way to ensure you are committed to this hobby. Here are some basic ways to start right in the astronomy hobby.


16. Hiking

A healthy and affordable way to use your time, hiking is a great way to get outdoors and bond with loved ones. Depending on where you live, if hiking is easily accessible you can make it a great way to burn calories over the weekend without it seeming like a chore. With a bit of planning, hiking can become something you challenge yourself with a master. Here are some tips on how to start hiking.


17. Computers

While gaming may seem like the only hobby a computer can fill, there is a wide array of activities your computer can provide, aside from getting lost in your social media account. From graphic design to editing pictures and videos to making music and animation, here are six ways a computer is all you need to be a hobbyist.


18. Golf

While the myths of golf as an old school sport are being debunked, golf has become more of a fun way to start off a stag party instead of an actual hobby to master. A dying sport, golf is a game that needs to be brought back in a big way. Aside from golf returning to the 2016 Olympics since 1904, here are some inspiring reasons to bring back golf.


19. Genealogy

Whether you are working with family and years of recorded info or starting from scratch, genealogy is an in-depth way to learn your family’s history through lineage and can even uncover some long buried scandalous secrets. Now the second most popular hobby in all of the US, access to your ancestry is just a click away online, with things like DNA testing to shed light on some mind blowing, sometimes conflicting information about where you are from.


20. Gardening

While gardening may seem as feminine as a tea party, it is a relaxing way to get exercise outside with rewards that will put your neighbors to shame. The number one hobby in America, gardening is a healthy activity that allows you to grow your own food from home you can feed your family with. Still not on the manly train? Here are seven reasons to become a gentleman gardener.