Your Guide To The Growing Trend Of Streetwear

One of the most trending niche’s in men’s fashion is without a doubt streetwear. As with all other trends, some take it to the extreme and others choose to do it in a more simple and subtle manner. Either way, streetwear clothing encompasses people from all walks of life and can be worn in a variety of ways. This guide also explains the street-inspired style, not the actual origins of streetwear which is the more skater-streetstyle, with brands like Obey, Supreme and graphic tees!


Distinguished by long fits, distressed jeans and awesome shoes, streetwear is an ever evolving fashion statement, whether you’re into Kanye West, or just want to look different from the usual t-shirt wearing Joe schmo. An important aspect of streetwear is in the details. An outfit can be changed entirely by just adding a pair of ripped denim, ripped t-shirt, joggers or a long-fitted tee. It’s all in the details.

streetwear 2

Street-inspired clothing can appeal to anyone. As with most styles, the basic piece for your outfit should actually be your shoes, and then build up. A clean choice is always sneakers, however you like them – all white, all black, different or expensive – like the Yeezys.

streetwear sneakers yeezys

Streetwear also has a lot of layering aspects to it. Try pairing a sweatshirt with a long fit t-shirt, or wear distressed clothing under, it gives your outfit a whole new level of detail.

streetwear outfit

Streetwear can be expensive, no doubt. But there is a lot of ways to cut costs if you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on clothing. For example, you can buy a cheap pair of jeans and distress and taper them to give yourself it that sick streetwear look. Lots of DIY YouTube guides are available for things such as stressing or repairing clothing and sneakers, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.

streetwear outfit 3

Small details matter. Try pinrolling your jeans, wear fancy socks (a small yet very noticeable piece) underneath your cuffed pants, pair your outfit with a hat, wear bracelets and so on! Accessories can be the key to a great outfit.

streetwear outfit 4



Streetwear comes in all styles and brands. Most brands nowadays offer lines in their clothing that cater to the street aspect of fashion because they recognize how popular it’s becoming. A few brands do however apply to only street-style (like the Yeezy brand), while others have selected pieces that are really streety or rooted in streetwear. Other brands (like most ‘Fast-fashion’ brands) just follow the trends, and thus have a variety of long-fitted t-shirts, ripped denim and many more. Here’s a few affordable brands you should check out:

  • H&M
  • Zara
  • Maniere de Voir
  • Sixth June
  • SikSilk

And if you feel like spending a (lot) more money, go check out:

Kanye’s ”Yeezy” supply.



Fear Of God

John Elliot Co.

Rick Owens