Why The Little Details Matter In Men’s Fashion


Anyone can put together a fine outfit, regardless of budget and looks. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out. However, some people still appear way sharper and fashionable than you, even with relatively simpler outfits.


You need flow. The outfit has to be combinable in all aspects – like a never ending chain. Your colors should match (as in compliment each other, not wear an entirely red outfit), your fits should be on point, and the outfit should be tied together by accessories and details.

Flowing Matched Colors Shown Beautifully in this Outfit

A small, yet very noticeable detail, is the belt. Most of the time you won’t be able to see it, because a t-shirt should definitely cover that area (otherwise it might be time to move on to adult sizes), but it makes people think you’ve given your outfit a thought or two before going out. It’s a must if you’re tucking in shirts, as creates a beautiful flow from top to toe.

Also, a good rule of thumb: make sure your belt matches your shoes, colorwise!


Your watch can have different straps, to matach any outfit you’d ever wear. Usually a good leather one is fine in most instances, but it never hurts. NATO straps can be found cheap on eBay and comes in literally any color/combo you can imagine!

Small details can do a lot of things for your outfit, especially if you have a pleasing physique, or opposite – need to create an image of having that.


For example, pinrolling your jeans to show off your angles and at the same time create a nice taper of your pants. Be careful doing this if you have short/bulky (or both) legs, as they’ll make them look even shorter.




Rolling your sleeves if you think your sleeves are too long can create the illusion of biggers arms. Don’t do this if you already have big/short arms, it’ll look weird!

There are also different kinds of fits for your clothing. T-shirts come in vnecks, crewnecks, scoop necks, turtlenecks and whatnot. Try different kinds out, they all have their places.