This is What’s Trending in Men’s Eyeglasses in 2016

Eyewear has come a long way from being something you need to purely function better to an amazing fashion and utility combo. Glasses are used to see better but they can also be fashionable, sleek and come in a variety of designs to match your personality and style. Shopping for spectacles is a lot funner these days!

So what’s trending for eyeglasses in 2016?

Colors! reds and browns being on top and of course you can never go wrong with the classic black.

Retro designs are still very much trending, things like thick rims but in a variety of different shapes not just the classics your grandpa wears.

Thick rims being such a huge trend has inspired more throwbacks and we’re now seeing more and more massive rims from the 70’s making a come back.

Johnny depp can rock a pair of glasses like no other and he’s definitley got the eyeglasses trend down perfectly. Retro with tinier frames. The perfect look that combines retro, boho and a smart look while at the same time being geeky and cool.

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