What’s In Style: Streetwear Trends For Summer 2016

New seasons always bring new trends, and from what I can see, this seasons trends are a lot riskier than what we have seen in previous seasons. Over the past 5 years, men’s street fashion has been obsessed with minimalism. It started out with all black everything and slowly turned into an infatuation with muted earth tones as the seasons progressed. However, this summer, many brands seem to be shying away from the minimalist aesthetics of previous years and producing some riskier, more extravagant pieces.

Brighter colours have been getting a lot of use lately and so has embroidery and branding. These are things that the street fashion community passed off as tacky and gaudy when the minimalist movement started, but now people are once again realizing that it is possible to do it well. As well as this, baggier pants seem to be making a return. This is another item that the fashion community was dead set against for a while, but now it is once again being realized that it can be done well.

So, for those people that want to know what’s in style this season, here’s my top 5 list of spring/summer trends.

Sukujan/Souvenir Jackets


Souvenir Jackets have transitioned from runway favourite to full on trend in no time at all. Less than 1 season after we started seeing the likes of Gucci, SLP, Valentino, and various other designers & fashion houses showcasing souvenir jackets on the catwalk, they hit the mainstream. The maximalist, colourful, heavily embroidered nature of these jackets totally contrasts the predominantly minimalist aesthetic that has dominated street fashion for years now, making them the perfect statement piece. Additionally, the fact that souvenir jackets traditionally colourful makes them perfect for summer.

Wider Cropped Pants


If you’ve read any of the other articles I’ve recently written for this blog, you’re aware of my feelings on wider, cropped pants. However, it isn’t just me! Wider pants are without a doubt becoming a trend, and if you add that onto the trend of cropped pants which has been consistent in men’s fashion for well over a year now, you’re onto a winner. One of the big reasons that this look will be so popular in the summer is because of how comfortable they can be. They come in various lightweight fabrics such as linen & thinner cottons, also, the baggier, cropped nature of them allows for a lot of mobility & breathability.



Yellow is another on of those things that just sort of ‘went away’ when the minimalist trend began. There became a point where it felt like brighter colours were never going to come back. However, its looking like this summer will be the perfect time to break them out again. Yellow is surprisingly more versatile than you might think, but there’s no rules I can give you to making it work. The best thing to do is just experiment with it and find a way that you can fit it into your style.

Checkerboard Vans


Somehow a pair of shoes that were most commonly associated with ’scene kids’ and ‘emo’ middle-schoolers for the last 5 years have made their way into the world of high end street fashion. Thanks in part to Jerry Lorenzo and the countless celebrities that endorse Fear of God and the aesthetic that goes along with that brand, Checkerboard Vans have hugely increased in popularity. They’re lightweight, comfortable, cheap, and incredibly versatile, making them perfect to add a bit of flavour to your more basic summer outfits.

Printed Shirts


A lightweight, open, shirt with an interesting, all over print can be the perfect statement piece to throw on top of a minimalist summer outfit. Everyone from high end designers to fast fashion stores are making interesting printed shirts this season meaning that they are accessible to absolutely everyone, regardless of your budget. Another great place to pick these up is in thrift stores. This trend is very much inspired by vintage styles so picking up some for cheap at the thrift can be a great option.

So there it is, my top 5 trends list. These are the styles that I will personally be experimenting with this summer, meaning that they may not be to everyone’s tastes, but obviously there is other options out there. The best thing to do this summer is to take a step outside of your comfort zone in an attempt to spice up your summer outfits. Remember, streetwear in summer can be boring, but it doesn’t have to be.