How To Wear: Track Jackets

The current fashion landscape is very different now to what it once was. Once upon a time someone turning up to a fashion show in a hoodie would’ve been laughed out of the room, or just not let in the room at all. However, things are a lot different now. Streetwear has made its way into the high fashion world.image02

Nowadays, pretty much anything can be considered high fashion if it’s well designed, even track jackets. Track jackets are more traditionally a staple of the lower classes with a lot of prominence UK terrace football culture but today they can be seen on style icons such as A$AP Rocky and up & comers in the fashion world such as Jacob Hetzer.image00

However, it’s kind of a hard item to pull off in a fashionable manner. If done wrong, it can look really bad, but when pulled off well, it can give off that sporty, casual, athleisure vibe that’s very popular at the moment. image06 image05 image04 image03 image01