Ways to Wear: Nike Flyknit Racer Sneaker

The Nike Flyknit is a shoe designed for athletic purposes. Made from an extremely lightweight material, the flyknit is more so a running sneaker than anything else, therefore, theoretically, it should be hard to fit into a casual outfit. However, much like the Adidas Ultraboost, certain flyknit colourways fit perfectly into casual wear.

flyknit racer

The Flyknit is designed to have a similar fit to a sock. This design choice was made because Nike’s market research showed that runners had been wanting a shoe that fit this way. To achieve this fit, Nike utilized a knitted polyester fabric that provides both durability and flexibility.

first ever nike flyknit

The first ever Flyknit, the Flyknit Racer, debuted in 2012. Since then various other models have been released and have been met with much commendation among runners and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Part of why the Flyknit models are so popular in the fashion community is their innovative design. It was one of the first running sneakers to be designed with both performance and fashion in mind. They have clean, minimal silhouettes but a particularly bold texture. This texture can often result in the colourways coming across as quite loud regardless of the colours used. Typically, this would be a bad thing, but thanks to the colourways that Nike produced, they till look great despite how loud they are.

black white nike flyknit racer

Flyknit sneakers are extremely versatile, especially in streetwear, but it can definitely be hard to pair runners with an outfit if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Therefore, I have included some inspiration below.

nike flyknit red

flyknit racer outfit

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