Ways to Wear: Double Denim

The good old Canadian Tuxedo is something that isn’t exactly considered fashionable. Visions of your dad rocking a dark blue pair of boot cut Levis with the matching jacket can be enough to scare most away from going anywhere near double denim, but I think it can look pretty good. A well-fitting pair of jeans paired with a nice denim jacket in the same wash can look great when paired with complementary, basic pieces.

The two keys here are colour and fit. Obviously, well-fitting pieces are an absolute necessity here as they are with any outfit. This can absolutely make or break your outfit, especially when doing something risky such as double denim. Colour is another thing that is important in every outfit, but is especially crucial when going for double denim. In a double denim fit, about 50% of it will be some sort of blue colour, so you need to pick colours that complement the particular blue you’re going for. For darker wash denim, I think olive is one of the best colours you can go with, for lighter wash denim, I personally really like white.

Be aware though, this doesn’t mean you should make every other piece in the outfit olive or white, if you do you’re at risk of looking too matchy. Instead, go for another basic colour such as black, grey, or tan.

Double denim is particularly tricky to pull off, but if you do pull it off, it looks amazing because not many other people could. In case you’re interested in trying this but you feel as though you need some inspiration, I’ve included some pics down below that I personally think look good.

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