Ways to Wear: Camo

No longer is there a stigma around Camo print clothing. What was once a pattern reserved only for Dad Shorts and army uniforms is now gaining traction in the fashion world. With the popularity of earth tones in street fashion right now, Camo is pretty easy to rock, but it’s still very easy to do it wrong. That’s why I’ve written this guide to help out anyone struggling with incorporating Camo into their outfits.

bad camo
Camo doesn’t have to look like this.

As I previously mentioned, Camo looks great with earth tones. Kanye’s Yeezy season line is a perfect example of this. Pairing Camo with tans, beige’s, olives, and browns will give you a militant vibe. If you want to try this out, I’d recommend going for an oversized look and keeping everything plain other than the Camo so as not to cause a conflict in patterns.


yeezy camo

Additionally, Camo looks great in an all black fit. Black boots, black jeans, Camo top, and a black jacket will look great. It allows the Camo to stand out by keeping the rest of the outfit as plain as possible. This also takes away from the military roots of the Camo print, making it look more casual.

all black outfit camo

Finally, a bit of an unexpected pairing, Camo and pale pink. Theoretically, this shouldn’t work, the two couldn’t be more different from each other and he fact that they both stand out a lot should cause a conflict in the outfit. However, for some reason it just works. This is slightly harder to pull off than the other looks though. If recommend keeping the rest of your outfit all black and separating the Camo item and the pink item with at least one black piece so that they don’t clash too much.

If you’re still looking for some more ideas, I’ve included some inspiration below that proves the versatility of camo in streetwear.

camo 1 camo 2 camo 3 camo 4 camo 5 camo 6 camo 7 camo 8