Ways to Wear: Designer Sneakers

Both sneaker heads and fashion enthusiasts over the past few year have been moving away from Jordans and moving on to the world of designer sneakers. Although many designer sneakers just serve as higher quality versions of very basic and easy to wear sneakers, there are also a lot of designer sneakers with crazier patterns and designs that people may be hesitant to wear. However, with the right outfit, these statement sneakers can look excellent and elevate your outfit. Here is a few examples.

Visvims kanye west 2 Visvims kanye west Visvims

Although these Visvims are nowhere near as loud as a lot of the designer sneakers out there, their styling is what makes them stand out. The moc toe and fringe detailing combined with the sneaker sole makes them a very unique shoe that can be very difficult to pull off. In this outfit, the colour of the sneaker and the inspiration behind its shape and detailing are taken into account. They are paired with a simple outfit featuring a lot of muted earth tones  that match perfectly with the sandy colour of the sneaker.


tumblr_nvytc080gs1sjf4hzo1_1280 tumblr_o3oo15ogku1upmxlbo1_1280

In the above outfits we see some colourful Raf Simons x Adidas Ozweegos being used in an otherwise relatively basic outfit. The fact that the rest of the outfit is very simple and monochromatic allows the shoes to stand out.

tumblr_nuzlbnWzt91uec13ro1_1280 valentino rockrunner

valentino rock runner sneakers

In this outfit we see some Valentino Rockrunner sneakers being pulled off very well. The rest of the outfit contains basic yet interesting pieces in colours that compliment the sneakers. The cropped trousers create a break between the shoes and the rest of the outfit so that they can stand out and make more of a statement.

Statement sneakers are an essential piece for the summer. Often in the warmer weather your outfits can become quite boring as there is not as much potential for layering, but designer sneakers can add that bit of flavor that your outfit might otherwise be missing. Personally, I’ll be rocking them with some cropped pants and an over sized tee, however, these pictures prove that they can be worn in a wide variety of different outfits and fit into multiple different styles.