Ways to Wear: Cropped Trousers

Cropped trousers are an item that have become more prominent in men’s wear recently due to the increasing popularity of androgyny in fashion. Traditionally a piece more associated with women’s fashion, cropped trousers have made their way into menswear and have been seen in multiple collections and on various men’s fashion icons in the past few years. More recently, cropped trousers have started to appear more in mainstream fashion, so here is some inspiration in case you are thinking about trying them out this summer.

cropped trousers

In the above picture, men’s fashion instagram personality and brand owner Alkarus pairs some grey cropped trousers with a very casual upper and statement low profile sneakers to give off a cosy yet fashion forward vibe.

cropped trousers 2 cropped trousers 3

In these looks, we see some slimmer cropped trousers being paired with derbies to give the outfits a slightly more formal vibe. However, the looks are made more casual and wearable by adding a basic tee and a bomber jacket.

cropped trousers 4

In this more summer appropriate outfit, some black cropped trousers are used in this simple but very well executed outfit featuring some essential white sneakers and a well fitting basic grey tee.

cropped trousers 5If you would prefer a slightly grungier vibe this summer as opposed to the cleaner aesthetic of the previous outfit then this look would be perfect for you. This outfit from YouTube personality and boutique manager Jacob Keller (left) shows some grey cropped trousers being paired with an oversized band/tour tee and once again, some low profile white sneakers.

These pictures are just here to give you some ideas and to demonstrate that a nice pair of cropped trousers can be just as versatile as your favorite pair of jeans.