Trendiest Spring Jackets For Men 2016

Spring is coming, and with spring comes fashion! But how do you look fashionable during those semi-cold, semi-hot months, without hiding away those key pieces you’re trying to show off? This article covers some of the most trending styles within jackets, and how to pull em off in the spring time.
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Jackets have become a huge way to show your personality and style before even undressing. All brands have a huge variety of different outerwear garments to choose from – ranging from fancy raincoats to expensive leather jackets.


Here we have gathered the most essential pieces for spring jackets 2016, whether you are into the stylish, formal attire, bombers, or like playing it casual and anything in-between, we’ve got you covered.

slim jacket
The quilted jacket is essential for any man who likes to combine a classic style as well as the warmth it provides for those chilly days. Quilted jackets come in many styles, from aesthetic to actually providing you with a practical, warm-keeping jacket. This one from the brand Selected is perfect for both occasions, and looks great over a shirt or hoodie. Great addition to the otherwise dominant trench coat.

The classic coat is also a great choice for this transition into summer. Long, comfortable and very minimalistic, this coat can go with literally anything, from a formal outift to a casual one. Coats usually cater to the taller men, and they cover a lot of your body. A coat should end a tiny bit above your knees, sit good on the shoulders and not be too tight anywhere else. Go with a black or grey color, and you won’t need much else.

pea coat
Heavily ”in” this season are the famous trench coats. They are originally made for formal outfits, but are very well-worn in the street-style kind of scene as well. Go with a classic one, with a (usually 3) buttons, a good, semi-tight fit on shoulders, and length above the knees. Go for good quality, they’ll last you a lifetime. For starters, get a black or brown color way, and go for quality brands.


A must for spring is a good quality leather jacket. Keep it simple, go with black. Goat leather is a great source of quality as well.

leather jacket men

Another great look for this spring is bomber jackets. They come in literally all colors and materials these days, but suede looks bomb!

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Brands to look out for: