Top 5 Denim Jackets For This Spring/Summer

Denim Jackets are without a doubt my favorite type of outerwear in men’s fashion. They look great, come in a wide variety of fits, styles, and colors, and work well with almost anything. This cements their place as a staple in many people’s wardrobes. Although denim jackets definitely can be worn in the colder months as well, I believe that they are an absolute essential for the spring/summer.

However, the popularity of denim jackets is both a blessing and a curse. They are very easy to find because almost every clothing company makes denim jackets, but because of this there are a lot of not so great denim jackets out there. That is why I have made this guide to showcase some of the better denim jackets out there for any budget.

H&M Denim Jacket
1. H&M Denim Jacket, $45

This offering from H&M provides a denim jacket option for those on a relatively low budget. It comes in rather traditional stone wash blue with orange stitching and silver buttons. It is a standard fit and has no particularly interesting details, however, it is an excellent example of a nice, basic denim jacket for a good price.

levis trucker jacket
2. Levis Trucker Jacket, $90

The Levis denim jacket is THE classic denim jacket. High quality no thrills jackets that have been worn since before most, if not all, of the people reading this article were born. These jackets have been in production in some form since before the 1940’s and they are still immensely popular today so Levis certainly can’t be doing anything wrong. However, instead of going for the classic dark and stonewash blue variants, why not go for this more modern black model.

Top Tip – Vintage Levis Jackets can often sell for very cheap on eBay, so if the retail is too much you could try taking a look there.

represent denim jacket
3. Represent Denim Jacket, $175

Now for something a little more interesting, Represents newest denim jacket offering, Acid Blue. Represents denim jackets are certainly very different from the two previous denim jackets mentioned in this article. Firstly, they are very over-sized, meaning they will not be to everyone’s tastes. The arms are very baggy with a heavy taper towards the cuff and the body is rather boxy in its fit.

Secondly, it is distressed quite heavily throughout. These elements give it a grungy vibe, meaning it would probably not be a suitable denim jacket for someone going for a cleaner aesthetic. This most recent iteration of their denim jacket is made even more unique by the fact that it comes in an Acid Wash denim. This, combined with the over-sized fit gives it a very 90’s feel, meaning that it would be perfect for someone going for a vintage look.

gosha rubchinskiy denim jacket
4. Gosha Rubchinskiy Exposed Seam Denim Jacket, $340

This Denim Jacket from Gosha Rubchinskiy is definitely for someone looking to try something a little different. It has a slightly cropped fit, typical of Gosha, and comes in bright white with black contrast stitching that shows off the exposed seam detailing. Wearing a white denim jacket is definitely a bold move, it’s going to be slightly harder to pull off than a more standard denim wash, but if you can pull it off then it will look great. Personally, I recommend either going all black with the rest of your outfit or going for a Palewave look.

fear of god denim jacket
5. Fear Of God Denim Raglan Trucker Romper Jacket, $1595

Now for the denim jacket for those who have an insane budget. Fear Of God, the brand for those streetwear enthusiasts with very deep pockets, have made this very detailed distressed denim jacket with an over-sized fit and raglan sleeves. Although the price may be steep, this jacket is of the absolute highest quality, made from a heavy Japanese selvedge denim, this jacket will last forever and will hold some value for a long time. If you can afford it and it’s fits your aesthetic, then this jacket will be an absolutely amazing purchase.

These jackets, in my opinion, are among the best options for any price range. However, if none of these jackets are to your tastes, just remember that there are countless other options out there. Here are some brands I recommend.

  • Topman
  • G Star
  • Diesel
  • APC
  • Nudie
  • Our Legacy
  • Acne Studios
  • Mr Completely
  • SLP