The Narcos Lookbook

While watching Narcos the hit original series by Netflix I couldn’t help but admire the chic retro style portrayed in the show.

As we all know, fashion has a tendency to be cyclical and coincidentally a lot of 70’s fashion is making a resurgence in 2016.

From cool shades like the wide framed eye glasses to tucked in collared t-shirts, you can’t help but see the 70’s influence in modern fashion from streetwear to the runways.

I love Hawaiian collared shirts (which are hugely trending right now) and you get to see a lot of this in the show.

You also get to see a lot of jacket styles that we’ve all come to love, from classics like leather and denim jackets to styles like the bomber jacket.

You can’t deny how cool 70’s fashion is and Narcos does a wonderful job of portraying the style.

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