Summer Essentials: Sweatshorts

Shorts are an absolute essential for summer and are an item we have previously discussed. However, just like any item of clothing, there are many different types of shorts. The least accepted type appears to be sweatshorts. People say that they have no place outside of the gym or the house, however, I think that in the right situation and with the right outfit, a decent pair of sweatshirts can look great.

cool sweatshorts

The trick to sweatshorts is to not make them the focal point of the outfit. When buying sweatshorts you just want to focus on getting a nice fitting pair in basic colours, black and grey are probably best. Another recommendation is to keep away from sweatshorts that feature graphics. This makes them look too athletic for a streetwear outfit.

sweatshorts for men

If you’re going for sweatshorts in your outfit, you’re going to want to keep it very casual. A nice T Shirt and some low profile sneakers, ideally runners, will do the trick. If the outfit is not casual, then the sweatshorts will look out of place.

Sweatshorts are going to be for those occasions where you want to be cosy, but still want to look presentable. If you want to try out this look and you’re in need of some inspiration, there will be some pictures below demonstrating how best to pull off sweatshorts this summer.

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