The Perfect Summer Shirt: Short Sleeve Button Up

With our toes right across the finish line of spring, I hope you all have your summer fashion clothing in order.

One article of clothing I’ve rarely mentioned but I absolutely think is a summer essential is a simple short sleeve button up.

It’s such a simple but versatile piece of clothing that will raise the cool factor of any casual summer outfit.

When looking to buy a simple short sleeve button up, you want something flowy which basically just means it’s not skin tight and you can wear it fully unbuttoned and it just flows on your body.

For summer specifically, I would go with a shirt design that has a simple repeating stamped pattern.

I consider this the most versatile design for a short sleeve button up and you can even break it out during other seasons if it’s warm enough.

If you really want to go full summer mode and stand out, a beachy or floral pattern is also a great look.

Wear it with nothing underneath or a simple neutral color undershirt – both work great.

With all that said, here are some brands that I think do simple summer button up shirts amazingly well.

$: H&M

$$: AllSaints

$$$ (My holy grail button up if I was rich): Valentino