The Athleisure Lookbook

Athleisure is essentially clothes that serve a purpose as athletic clothes, but would also look good in a casual outfit. Typically, workout clothing was seen as unacceptable to wear outside of the gym, but now, popular brands such as Adidas & Nike and even major fashion houses such as Chanel, Balenciaga, Gucci, and many more are pushing luxury sportswear.

Luxury Sportswear consists of sportswear staples such as sweatpants, sweatshorts, leggings, running sneakers and hoodies being reinvented to make them acceptable for everyday wear by use of minimal designs and technical fabrics.


Most of the big sportswear brands right now are trying to capitalize on this athleisure trend. Nike Tech Fleece pieces tend to have simple designs with functional features and high quality materials, making them perfect for anyone serious about working out. Tech fleece pants have skyrocketed in popularity in street fashion because of their slim fit and sleek look.

Typically, sweatpants were baggy and loose, so as to provide comfort, but Nike Tech Fleece provided a tapered look but kept the comfortable aspect, subsequently making them acceptable in casual fashion.17969a835947911de6194f2a152d2874

Adidas has managed to capitalise massively on this trend in a few different ways, one of these being their classic Tiro soccer pants. These pants, designed for use in cold weather soccer training, have become a staple in a lot of people wardrobes because of their clean look, heavy taper, and comfort.

The original purpose of the taper was so that the pants didn’t get caught underneath soccer players pants as they were running, but it is now what has caused them to be the huge success that they are in the fashion community.14276428_208137056271275_303039564_n

Additionally, Adidas’ collaboration with designer Yohji Yamamoto for their Y-3 line and its very recent diffusion line Y-3 Sport has brought them much success in the athleisure category.

Y-3 is most well-known for its shoes. Models such as the Qasa and the Kohna have a definite high fashion look about them, but because of the technical fabrics that they are made from and the borrowing of Adidas’ technology & designs, they have become immensely popular among the athleisure crowd.


Recently we have been seeing sweatpants on the runway, something that would’ve been unheard of in the past.

Designers such as Todd Snyder, Balmain, and Dolce and Gabbana have been putting sweatpants on the runway in recent years and it has been met with success.

The idea of designers creating sweatpants sums up athleisure perfectly, it is a casual item that is rooted in athletics, being reimagined by someone with an eye for design and fashion, therefore elevating the sweatpants into the status of a luxury item.

Staple Brands: Nike Tech Fleece, Adidas Sportswear 


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