Men’s Style Guide for Summer / Spring 2016

Spring and summer are firmly on the horizon now, but dressing for summer can be hard. Less layers can often mean that outfits become less interesting due to a lack of interesting shapes or textures. However, with the right pieces, this doesn’t have to be the case. Summer is the perfect time to be a bit more adventurous with color and go for riskier pieces that have a different silhouette to what you are used to. Summer can be more than just shorts and a basic tee, you just need to do it right.



Although I said above that summer is the perfect time to move away from basics, you’re without a doubt still going to need them. The trick to taking risks with a piece in your outfit and making it look good is keeping everything else basic. So here is a list of summer essentials:

  • Basic Tees in essential colors (Black, White, Grey)
  • Basic Tees in some different colors. Forest green is looking like it’s going to be quite popular this summer, Beige and Cream are always popular summer options, and if you wanted to make a statement I recommend a shade of pink or yellow.
  • 1 or 2 (or more, depending on your budget) light jackets. I recommend denim jackets but this can just be whatever works best with your wardrobe.
  • Some nice shorts. I’d recommend a couple of pairs of denim shorts, despite the stigma around them, in black and light wash and maybe 1 or 2 pairs of nice sweat shorts
  • Some nice, basic, low profile sneakers. Vans Old Skools and Stan Smiths are very popular options here for good reason.





Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are very important to making your summer outfits a little different. Unfortunately, in the summer, there isn’t a whole lot of pieces in your outfit to make a statement with. However, there is definitely ways to do it. Here are my recommendations below:

  • Tees with more interesting cuts. My personal preference is an oversized tee with ¾ or ½ sleeves. However, there are many other types of tee that can make your outfit a little more interesting.
  • Graphic Tees. Graphic tees are another item that have a certain stigma surrounding them but if you can get a tasteful, well done, graphic then it will look really good and give your outfit a touch of difference.
  • A statement jacket. Yea I know that in some places it’ll definitely get too warm for a jacket but for some people this’ll be fine for at least the spring. A statement jacket can really elevate your outfit and looks great when the rest of your outfit is basic and monochromatic.
  • A longer, drapier, light cardigan. This one isn’t for everyone but in my opinion a this can really give your outfit and edge that not many other people will have.






As I mentioned, summer is a great time to experiment with brighter or just different colors. I mentioned a few of these in the basics section but here are a few colors that I think are worth trying this summer.

  • Forest Green
  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Pale Pink
  • Pale Blue
  • Navy
  • Bright Pink
  • Bright Orange
  • Bright Yellow

I personally think that forest green and bright orange will be very popular colors this summer, so watch out for that and get prepared now to be ahead of the curve.

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Statement Shoes

I would’ve mentioned this in the statement pieces section but in my opinion this deserves its own. Statement shoes can elevate you outfit in the same way a statement jacket can. If you keep the rest of the outfit minimal and let the shoes stand out, then it can look excellent. Here are some examples of statement shoes for this summer

  • Tech Sneakers. Shoes from Adidas’ Y-3 range fit this perfectly. Models like the Qasa and the Kohna look great with basic outfits and stand out due to their unique shapes and materials.
  • Rick Owens. If your aesthetic is very in line with the Rick Owens look, then adding some of the designers signature sneakers to your summer wardrobe (if you haven’t already, is a must. Despite their chunky look, with a pair of longer, drop crotch shorts and a drapy tee they will look great.
  • All White. This probably classes as a basic as well, but all white will always stand out.




Cropped Pants

I’ve just put this section here to direct you to our article on cropped pants. They look great with a huge variety of outfits and provide a great alternative to the typical jeans or shorts.


Obviously, if this guide doesn’t fit your aesthetic, then there are other options out there. After all, this is just a basic guide. However, if you need some inspiration for this summer, this guide will have you looking fresh.