The Men’s Fashion Guide To Leather Jackets

Leather jacket are not only gonna last you forever, but are also timeless, classic and versatile, and they make you feel badass.


There’s something about wearing a leather jacket. It’s like when you put on that perfect fitting suit – the feeling you get, when you just know you look good. Your confidence skyrockets, and you feel good.


Leather jackets are one of the pieces you really should spend a little extra $$$ – it’s a good trade. They can be worn in literally any weather or season. Winter might get a little cold and summer might get a little warm, but spring and fall are absolutely perfect. It can make any outfit look good, and there are lots of different models to fit your physique.


Here’s a few different kinds to get inspired by. In 2016 you should most likely try and find a more modern style, like the biker jacket or the double rider (which is the double breasted one) – those are so timeless you’ll never go wrong with them. The ones with wool and other funny things on the collar might be too granddaddy-ish, but whatever floats your boat (well, outfit)

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Another very popular trend these days are faux leather jackets. Instead of spending 500$+ on a jacket, people run for the cheap alternatives, and maybe think they’re better off spending less for more. In some cases yes, because you can barely see the difference if you’re not into leather anyway.


You’ll most likely run into leather jacket with detachable hoodie as well. Stay away from those – you’re better off getting a real jacket, and wearing a hoodie underneath, if that’s your thing. Don’t spend extra money on small details like that, because it’ll look fake regardless.


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