Men’s Fashion Essentials: Basic Tees

Basic tees are an absolute necessity regardless of the weather. Basic Tees can be bought absolutely anywhere but despite that finding the perfect basic tee for you can be incredibly difficult. The perfect basic tee needs to work just as well by itself as it does layered underneath a hoodie or a sweatshirt, it needs to come in all of the colors that you consider essential, and most importantly it needs to fit your body exactly how you want it to. This is what makes finding the perfect tee so hard, with all that choice out there, narrowing down the best one is quite the challenge.

basic white tee

Basic tees come in a variety of fits, materials, and necklines. There’s standard fit tees, oversized tees, longline tees, boxy tees, curved hem tees, split hem tees, and countless other fits that can be had in crew neck, scoop neck, and occasionally v neck variants. As far as materials go there is an endless number of different materials that all give the tees there own unique look and feel.

basic t shirts for men

For your convenience, I have compiled a list of what I consider to be some of the better basic tees out there. I have included options appropriate for all budgets, all the way from fast fashion to high end designer.

Low Budget

topman tee

Topman Boxy Crew Neck T-Shirt, $20

topman long line t shirt

Topman Long Line Fit T-Shirt, $20

elwood curved hem tees

Elwood Curved Hem Tees 3 Pack, $38

Medium Budget

oversized t shirt

Summit Clothing Oversized T-Shirt, £30/$45(approx.)

knyew basic long tee

KNYEW Basic E-Long Tee, $48

High Budget

designer basic tee

Machus The Keller Tee, $65

john elliott co mercer tee

John Elliot Extended Mercer Tee, $84

fear of god basic tee

Fear Of God fourth Collection inside Out Tee, $150