Men’s Designer Brands: Are They Worth The Money?

Many people are skeptical as to whether or not designer labels are worth the money. The quality can’t possibly be that much better to justify $1000+ price tags, can it?

mens designer brands

In truth, no, it can’t. But designer labels aren’t only about quality. When you buy a designer piece, you are buying a work of art. This is why fashion in general is so subjective, because art is subjective. Something that is worth millions to one person might only be worth a dollar to another person. Just like a Raf Parka may be worth the money for people who enjoy it as a piece of art, however, if someone doesn’t enjoy that particular piece of art, then the parka will be worthless to them.

mens designer brands

Designer labels create unique and artistic pieces. They take risks that fast fashion companies cannot afford to take. This means that you are buying something really special when you buy from a designer. But there are definitely some pieces that are not so special. These are the basics.

basics mens designer clothing

Buying designer basics is without a doubt not worth the money. They are not unique, and therefore have no special quality to them that any other high quality basic wouldn’t have. However, they can often be more than double the price. This is because designer labels typically have a certain pricing structure that they adhere to. Designer items are priced in relation to the other pieces in the collection.

designer clothing worth the money or not

So, if you are debating whether or not a designer piece is worth the money, do not think of it how you would a typical clothing item. View it as art. Think about how much that artists work is really worth to you. Admittedly, designer clothing is not worth the money, the quality will not be far from a company such as John Elliot and their clothes cost half as much. However, by that logic, all paintings would have a similar worth regardless of their content, because they didn’t cost much to make. But this is not true of paintings or fashion, because both are art forms, and therefore both are subjective.