He’s Got Style: Luka Sabbat

From a nobody to a fashion icon, Luka Sabbat has embedded his name in fashion industry. He has headlined events for Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, Jerry Lorenzo, and numerous fashion studios including: Hood by Air, Stussy, Public School, Fear of God, OFF-WHITE, and many more. This is Luka Sabbat, 18 years old, a model, stylist, entrepreneur, and often challenging people to one-versus-one sniper lobbies in Call of Duty

Hailing from the Lower East Side of New York; Luka was born into the world of fashion. His mother, a German stylist who work with John Galliano and Dior, a father who is a fashion designer. Luka has been attending fashion shows since the age of 3 When he was young, Luka thought it was boring to watch people strut up-and-down catwalks. Now, it’s the main thing he wants to do. Luka’s first magazine cover happened when he was only two years old.


Prior to becoming a fashion icon, Luka was a typical teenager. Playing video games and skateboarding the streets of New York and Paris. He described himself as a typical Hypebeast, Supreme, BBC/Ice Cream, The Hundreds, BAPE, and more were his brands of choice. He would later find that, clothing is not all about the brands, and more about personal style.


From then, Luka stumbled into modeling by accident. While purchasing video games with his father, Noelle Ann, the owner of Re:Quest Model Management started discussing modeling with him. At first he was not interested in being a model but, when she started discussing numbers and traveling, he was hooked. (” Sounds Fire.” That is a direct quote from him.)


Later on, Luka met Virgil Abloh, creator of OFF-WHITE and one of his best friends. Virgil has been a large inspiration for Luka, making him read the Yeezus Tour design book (Virgil was a director for Yeezus Tour, he was a large part of the creative direction associated with the Yeezus Tour.) and helping him branch out of just his scope.


Virgil was even responsible for getting Luka into the cast of Yeezy Season One. Luka was the first male model to be called into for casting and low-and-behold, Kanye West was there waiting for him saying “What’s up?”


Luka is the [self-proclaimed] King of SoHo and met people such as Mike the Ruler and AssPizza. Luka met Mike hanging around SoHo and going to the V-Files shop. He discovered Asspizza a few years ago on Instagram, when he just had 30 followers. Luka fell in Love with Asspizza’s work and quickly introduced him to Twitter and Ian Connor. Luka considers Asspizza and Ian Connor to be some of his best friends.


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