A Guide To Wearing Men’s Scarves

Scarves aren’t just cold weather, they are also a fashion statement that adds the finishing touches to an outfit.

There are 3 ways to wear a scarf: Casual, Formal, and Street style.

How to Wear: The way you choose to wear a scarf can be universal for all 3 styles. You can wear a scarf around your neck, or loop it around a couple times. Either way, it’s up to you and what you think looks good.


When you have a simple or casual outfit, you can pick any style or patterned scarf to add to it. Casual outfits don’t necessarily have to match that is why any style of scarfs work with with it. One thing that is common is to go for longer scarfs, it adds a sophisticated and stylish look to any outfit.

For color, it is all up to what you prefer. But one thing to remember is that your scarf should have some of the same colors/patterns of another clothing item you’re wearing, that way, it’s not too bold and can match perfectly.

casual outfits with scarfs


Adding a scarf to a formal look can spruce up any outfit. You want to go for something mid length, and thin – avoiding any bulky, thick scarfs.

For color, the scarf color should match your shirt or blazer. It adds uniformity to your outfit, and blends in without looking out of place.

Remember: Avoid any bold colors or many different patterns, it’s better to go for a simple style, with minimal patterns or patterns that are the same as your shirt or tie.

Scarfs 3scarfs 2scarfsformal scarfs2 formal scarfs

Street wear

For the street wear style, it’s all up to you and what you prefer. Street wear can be a unique style with many different clothing combinations, which make it simpler to add a scarf to, for a finishing touch. Adding a scarf can be anything you like, whether it be thick, thin, long or short. 

However, like mentioned before in the casual outfits, your scarf color should at least match the color of a clothing item you’re already wearing.

mens streetwear scarfs 4 streetwear scarfs 3 streeetwear scarfs streetwear scarfs