Fear of God Alternatives

Fear of God is without a doubt one of, if not the biggest brand in streetwear right now. Take a look at almost any male fashion related Instagram account and you’re guaranteed to see at least one outfit inspired by Fear of God. However, Fear of God is incredibly expensive. Not many people can afford to buy their pieces, so they need to look for alternatives.

The reason I decided to hold off on doing this article until the winter is twofold. Firstly, their sweaters and outerwear are their most expensive & unique pieces, so they’re harder to find alternatives for, and also, in my opinion, the Fear of God aesthetic looks a lot better in F/W than it does in S/S.

In this article, I’d like to provide some reasonably priced alternatives to some of Fear of God’s most coveted F/W pieces. Hopefully, this’ll help out a lot of people who love the brand but just don’t have the money.

The Harrington Jacket


Fear of God Harrington Bomber

Fear of God’s Harrington jacket is easily one of their nicest outerwear pieces, but at $1200 its out of reach for the average person. However, if you still have a decent amount of money to spend and you want a high quality piece, then the Baracuta G9 is perfect. I find that the best way to find Fear of God-esque pieces on a budget is to go straight to their inspiration, and the Baracuta G9 is the exact jacket that inspired FoG’s offering. Watch out though, the Baracuta is not oversized at all, so maybe size up one if that’s what you’re going for.image05

Baracuta G9

The Flannel Shirt


Fear of God’s Flannels have become iconic, and for good reason. The patterns are amazing, the colours are amazing, and the oversized fit is amazing. However, because a flannel is such a simple piece, lots of brands have made alternatives. Summit Clothing’s alternative is my personal favourite. They’ve nailed the fit, and the patterns are super nice, which are two things that brands often get wrong.image07

Summit Clothing Red Oversized Flannel

Other alternatives

Most of the other alternatives aren’t as close as the ones I’ve talked about above, but there’s some decent stuff out there, so below I’m going to show you a few more alternatives that you might be interested in.


Other UK Half Zip Hoodie


Represent Oversized Sweater


N.D.G Overcoat


Enfin Leve Twill Pants