Fashionable Backpacks For Men

Backpacks are another aspect of fashion that is often overlooked. If you’re going to school, college, university, or even going to some more casual jobs, then you will likely use a backpack. Backpacks serve as a convenient place to store everything you need without occupying either of your hands or getting in your way at all. This makes them one of the most popular and best means of portable storage.

The issue is, most backpacks are not particularly geared towards fashion. Sure you could just get a plain black canvas backpack and be done with it, but you’re into fashion so you probably want something more. You might want something to fit a certain aesthetic, or you might just want something high quality to last you a long time, but most of all you want it to look good.

Fashionable backpacks are out there; they just take a bit more searching for than your standard backpack. So, to make it easier for you, I’ve compiled a small list of dope backpacks below.


High End Backpacks

These backpacks are extremely expensive and not to everyone’s taste, but I still find them very cool.

11 bbs velocity

11 By BBS Velocity Backpack, $310

cote & ciel isar

Cote&Ciel Isar, $250

fendi black nylon monster backpack

Fendi Black Nylon Monster Backpack, $1500

kill spencer special ops backpack 2.0

Kill Spencer Special Ops Backpack 2.0, $475 saint laurent studded canvas

Saint Laurent Studded Canvas Camo Backpack, $885 y-3 qasa backpack

Y3 Qasa Backpack, $300