The Fashion Minimalist Lookbook

Minimalism in fashion is all about achieving a pared-down and simple look with easy to digest color pallets and beautiful silhouettes.

Minimalist fashion is all about different garments complimenting each other and achieving a tasteful flow without too much distraction taking away from the outfit. This means no loud statement pieces or crazy color combinations.

Achieving a minimalist look is not to be confused with minimalism as a life style which focuses on inexpensive living without too much luxury. High quality designer garments in my opinion are a very good investment if you’re looking to go towards a minimalist style.

Designers like John Elliott and Alexander Wang and brands like Common Projects and Acne Studios produce minimalist style garments that have amazing quality and aesthetic albeit just being basic pieces.

You won’t get anywhere near the same quality and fit from fast fashion retailers which is why I recommend investing in a few high quality designer articles of clothing that will last you for years to come (as basics should) which in my opinion is a lot better than dealing with poor quality clothing that seems to shrink and fade very quickly and needs replacing every season.


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