Designers in Streetwear: Rick Owens

Many designer labels have started seeping into streetwear since its acceptance in the fashion community. One of those is the legendary Rick Owens. Well known for his crazy runway show concepts, Rick Owens has without a doubt made a name for himself in the fashion world. The beginning of Rick’s ascension to the status of fashion legend was probably when French vogue published an image of the world famous British model Kate Moss wearing one of his now signature leather jackets. Rick used the momentum from this image to propel his career to the point where now he is one of the biggest names in modern fashion.

rick owensBut why is Rick Owens so popular with the streetwear crowd?

Rick Owens clothing and footwear, despite being incredibly avant garde, fits into modern day street fashion amazingly well. The longer, oversized silhouettes, the clear grunge influences, and the interesting yet minimalistic nature the pieces are aspects that both Rick Owens collections and street fashion seem to share, therefore they tend to complement each other well.
rick owens

Another aspect of the Rick Owens brand that plays into the growing trend of street fashion is his DRKSHDW diffusion line. DRKSHDW has a definite streetwear influence. It stays true to the Rick Owens aesthetic, but it is a more toned down and casual interpretation. This line is effectively just a more wearable version of the mainline that utilizes tougher and more practical materials to make the items more appropriate for daily wear. Casual pieces such as Hoodies and Pod Shorts may replace the more artisanal aspects of the Rick Owens aesthetic, but the ideas behind how each piece is made and how each piece looks are very much the same. However, the fact that the line does put out these casual pieces makes the collection even more in tune with modern day street fashion than the mainline, therefore further increasing the popularity of Owens’ work in the streetwear community.
rick owens 3

Due to its roots in the avant garde, Rick Owens can still be hard to pull off in a standard streetwear outfit because Rick Owens clothes pieces are in no way standard. However, when it’s done right, it will elevate your outfit to the next level. Below are some examples of Rick Owens pieces being effortlessly incorporated into street influenced outfits.

rick owens 2

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