Designer Spotlight: Henrik Vibskov

Henrik Vibskov is a Danish fashion designer who is currently the only Scandinavian designer on Paris Men’s Fashion weeks’ official schedule. The interesting thing about Vibskov’s work is how far it is from being minimalist like many other Scandinavian labels are.


Vibskov’s pieces often feature interesting patterns, colours and shapes that you wouldn’t really get anywhere else. Some of his pieces are even constructed so that they are a different, non-traditional shape such as his Circle trousers. These trousers are made in such a way so that the legs are rounded. This creates a very unique look when they are being worn, once again something that you don’t get with many other labels.


Typically, crazier designer pieces such as these can be hard to incorporate into street fashion, but with Vibskov’s designs I find that it is relatively easy. Admittedly they err on the more formal side of street fashion, but not so much so that they don’t fit in.