How to Create a Solid Capsule Wardrobe

For those of you who don’t know, a capsule wardrobe is a where you only buy what is absolutely essential to you. No real statement pieces, just a clean, basic versatile, small wardrobe. This really appeals to me in theory. I hate clutter so having all of my pieces just work together effortlessly would be great. However, I think I might get bored.

If you’re not someone who would get bored by this though, then I have some tips. I’ve thought about this concept at great length in the past therefore I feel as though I can offer some advice on how to make this work. If you’re interested, below I’m going to show you 3 examples of capsule wardrobes that’ll work great in daily life.

Wardrobe 1 – Minimalist Black/White/Grey

image00Wardrobe 2 – Palewave


Wardrobe 3 – Athleisure athleisure