Common Projects: The Must Have Premium White Sneaker

When it comes to sneakers it’s sometimes hard to tell if you’re paying for the brand name or an actual quality shoe that will last you a long time and never go out of style. You won’t have to worry about this when it comes to the Common projects Original Achilles Low.

common projects achilles low review

Made with premium Italian leather and hand stitched in Italy, there are not many sneakers on the market that compare to the quality and aesthetic of the Common Projects. The golden numbers on the side of the shoe represent the size (EU), article number and colorway.


Think of these shoes as a sneaker for life. Leather (especially high quality leather) is much easier to clean and lasts a lot longer than typical materials used in your standard sneaker.

common projects achilles low
Common Projects Original Achilles Low White

The silhouette and overall look of the Common Projects Achilles Low is very simple and clean. This isn’t a surprise as the brand’s objective was to create the perfect white sneaker with quality and a minimalist aesthetic being the main priorities.





You can expect a pair of these sneakers to set you back quite a bit, for some people though, these sneakers will outlast almost any shoe in their closet, making it a worthwhile investment.