Budget Alternatives: Acne Satin Baseball Cap

Acne’s Satin baseball hat is quite possibly the most popular hat in fashion right now. It’s so simple, but so well executed, and just different enough to make it interesting. However, £65 is a lot of money for a plain black cap, regardless of how nice it is, not everyone can afford that, including myself. Therefore, I started looking for alternatives.image00

The first alternative I found was by British brand Maniere De Voir. It is a lot shinier than the Acne version, but it still looks good, and it is almost a third of the price. Another difference is that it is slightly more shallow than the Acne version, meaning it fits closer to the head. Finally, it does feature some discreet Maniere De Voir embroidery on the side.image02

The second alternative I have found is this cap from amazon. It comes in at £13, making it the cheapest, but believe me, it shows. The satin effect is very similar to the Acne one, but the actual structure of the cap is different, as can be seen in the pictures. Also, the brim is very curved, I would say too curved. The sides kind of dig into your face which isn’t comfortable at all.


There you have it, 2 alternatives to Acne’s beautiful yet expensive satin baseball cap. They may not be perfect, but they’re pretty close to the real thing for a fraction of the price.